Silvertonguedevil / Press

“Based on "Orthodox Heresy", this band play aggresive retro thrash/death which equal parts Devastation, Slayer and Gammacide. The opening "The Sinful Nun of Satan's Abbey" will sprain your neck big time before it exits with a cool slower passage. The heaviness of the latter is well translated on the folowing "The Dark Chamber" in the beginning before this cut turns into a violent moshpit "manufacturer" with more nods to death metal. The headbanging fun never ends at times served in a more restrained thrashy manner ("Pan Reborn"), at others splitting heads with brutal death metal outrages ("Murdered by Martyrs"). "Goddess of Unspeakable Lust" in the middle is almost radio-friendly by the album's standards with its relaxed semi-balladic rhythms, but its sluggish off-context nature is immediately cancelled by the ripping "Suicide with Occam's Razor" which sets the tone for the remaining material also bringing a fresh more technical flair to the recordings the latter half...”

“...The vocalist is a comprehensive semi-clean semi-shouter who actually sings on quite a few times ranking every bit as high as his colleagues for whom the best is surely yet to come. Pornographic Scripture Full-Length, 2011 Orthodox Heresy Full-Length, 2015”

"Pornographic Scripture" is first album from the new metal band SilverTongueDevil. I saw them live at a bar where they had so much energy that I knew I had to check out if they could hold their own on an album. To my surprised, and hunger for metal, they did more than just that. With a mix of heavy metal and ever so slight punk style that makes this band stand out as one of the best young bands that I've heard. What I relate it to, is Pantera and Bad Religion fusing into one band. What you have is that very distinct easy talking vocal, with some metal thrown in the mix. Articulation is no problem for these guys. On the album, and live, there performance was flawless, something so clean. Something that will please a lot of people looking for something fresh, is that the guitarist isn't using any harsh effects. It seemed that he had his amp, a guitar and himself.

“All of the members of SilverTongueDevil are hard working and very dedicated to their music, and seeing them for the first time in about a year that dedication definetly shined through. They have an extemely talented guitar player that carries off brain splitting riffs with a contagious smile on his face that makes you want to shred too! The bass player is also infectious in his style of playing, headbanging his heart out through every song and beating on the strings like a madman. Their frontman has a unique vocal/songwriting style that he imposes in a very serious yet maniacal tone, preaching the word of darkness before each song. ”Pornographic Scripture” seems to be the perfect title for their new album, because every track is presented like a verse out of the satanic bible, tempting their audience with dark intrigue. If you catch them live on one of their many upcoming shows and don’t feel a sense of sinful pleasure in the air afterwards then there's truly something wrong with”

“This Dallas based band been active on the live front playing shows in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Silvertonguedevil plays old school thrash metal with death metal influence. One listen to Craig Meinhart vocals one thing to comes to mind when I heard his vocals Tom Araya and Mille with death metal vocals. I like the song "Black Hand" alot even though it doesn't have any political message. The song reminds me of the current events of our times. Especially with the uprising in the Middle East. This song is the soundtrack to a world gone mad. I can't wait to see these guys live. Others song to check out is "The Conquering Throne" and "A Hate From Old Times" which I dedicate to some of my family members and other assholes that bully push around people for a long just to see them get their just due. Other than that I highly recommend you give this band a chance.”

"It might be a good idea to check out DFW's SILVERTONGUEDEVIL sometime soon. THeir four song cd THE OBSCENE SECRET is a decent effort, yet seeing them in person should be fairly impressive. They definitely hit the spot while laying into a lacerating gallop which makes something such as "The Conquering Throne" a winner for sure."