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“However, Social Networking is bigger than ever, and plenty of websites are offering bands the chance to showcase their music. Now with the power of Twitter, I have found Silver Story, who in turn gave me a link to where I can listen to their new EP. In full, with no adverts. If I want to pay £3 to download it, I can do. And I will be. Because this EP is everything I look for in my music – guitar driven, well produced (as someone who studied music production, this is incredibly important to me), with tight hooks, and great writing. If I were you, I would download this EP right now: http://silverstory.bandcamp.com/ It costs less than a pint at Wetherspoons, and you won’t regret it the next day.”

“It’s not difficult to see the talent that simply shines from Silver Story. Sounding fresh and different from what is usually available from the music market, this St. Helens quartet has definitely delivered. Our only criticism? It’s not long enough! But that aside, ‘Arts & Vandals’ is one EP that we won’t be forgetting in a hurry.”

“Silver Story have the potential to be an outstanding rock band and play some brilliant rock anthems. These songs can easily be imagined played live with the crowd yelling the words back, so watch out for tour dates soon!”

“Silver Story feels much more comfortable with The Otherside. The second song is easily the EP’s highlight and surprises with every new line. It is one of those songs that can be easily shouted out in your favourite backyard club and has potential for a next rock anthem.”

“Silver Story have cited their influences as ranging from Foo Fighters to 30 Seconds To Mars, and while they explore some of the same versatility as these two bands in their musical dynamics, Silver Story instead have a pop-punk sound with a cutting edge to it – they have removed the sweet, almost sickly, tinge of pop-punk and replaced it with a classic rock punch.”

“The hyper, jangly (Scouse band alert!) effort 'Frantic' is the pick of the bunch with some nice lead guitar and foot to the floor beats to keep it all moving along nicely.”

Alt Sounds

“Silver Story’s debut EP endears from the off with the pop punk of “Frantic”, a bit of relationship rock straight out of a late ‘90s American teen flick. It’s terrific fun, and aptly titled as it moves along at a relentless pace, throwing in a sassy little guitar solo. Definitely something for the approaching summer months! (soulmate:Eliminate EP)”

Glasswerk Manchester

“Gleaming future for Silver Story boys! (soulmate:Eliminate EP)”

St.Helens Star

“Potentional for a next rock anthem! (Wake Up EP)”

Rock On Promo.