Silver / Press

“These musicians are adept at exerting a pull that's progressive without scaring off the straightforward rock fans. ”

“Their music creates vivid pictures, and for me, brought back memories - even though I’d never heard the songs before.”

Vanessa Fraser - Shout! Online Magazine

“When they’re rocking, you’ll rock and when they’re crooning, you’ll wish they were crooning at you. Silver’s Pat, Brent and John are Southern boys from Raleigh making a name for themselves with great melodies, powerful lyrics, and a “now or never” attitude.”

“Silver's recorded material so far is enticing with an alluring hard-to-categorize feel, but onstage the band's potential is much more manifest.”

The Herald, SC

“Every so often a band comes along that doesn't necessarily fit any of our pre-existing labels, and their genuine honesty is both refreshing and intoxicating. SILVER is one of those bands”

“Raleigh trio SILVER captures both the anthemic, British affected vibe and obscured spirituality of fellow Southern boys NeedtoBreathe, bestowing opener 'Beautiful Things' and the driving 'Spin Cycle 1.0' with heaps of delay, echoed vocals and soaring refrains.”