Silk Filled Stilts / Press

“Silk Filled Stilts are unusual because they combine the alternative rock of the 90s such as R.E.M and mix it with synthesizer indie pop along the lines of The Big Pink. Powerful, loud synths work with a standard rock aesthetic, and having Ann Arbor's musical characteristics of Iggy Pop goes along way. Although this four piece maybe aren’t coming out from an underground scene, they're at least open to be discovered, because believe it or not they have a pretty good back catalogue on their Soundcloud.”

“Their latest single, entitled Takin’ Time Out was released on the 19th of November last year. The song initially sounds like it’s about to break into some kind of jazz rendition but then, thankfully, it bursts into modern life with guitar lines weighted with reverb, well placed backing vocals and perfectly accompanied synth that Phoenix (the band, not another place in America geography nerds!) would be proud of. I think it’s this synth that really catches me; it’s not domineering in any section but present enough to add a dance element to the otherwise shoegaze sections.”