Silicone Sister / Press

“Silicone Sister is rude, crude and raunchy. They are awesome!!!!!! Love this band!!! Brings me back to Denver @ Bangles and After the Gold Rush early 90's!!!! ”

“Oh My God i just want to say your amazing and i love your band. I saw you at Monster Pizza and we weren't even going to stay until you showed up btw yall look good in you 80's outfits :) ”

“Tim Wood, we thank you for letting the world know what we boys in the band have known all along: Taime Downz is rock royalty. Here's a little background on our esteemed leader.”

“Check out this months Bluffton Breeze. Excellent story about the band on page 48. HOT OFF THE PRESSES!! Not even posted online yet! Get your FREE copy anywhere in Bluffton that's cool.”

“Rock Hard, Die Pretty. Great story on Silicone Sister by Lindsey Hawkins, one of our hottest fans, for Celebrate Bluffton Magazine, 2008”