Silhouette Cities / Press

“I was instantly drawn to the band’s music because of it’s distinct grungy sound. One of the things I reallllly like about the band is that they’re not trying too hard to be something they’re not. They are real guys making real music and just letting it be that, music.”

“D.C. rock act Silhouette Cities (featuring ex members of The Moms) are streaming their new album No Worse for the Wear in full. You can give it a listen [here]”

“But one of the interesting things about it is that it really started as more of a studio project. I had some songs I wanted to record. In 2012, I went in to record our first EP "Objects in Motion." Mark and I were playing in another band based in DC at the time, and he offered to lay down the drums. We released that record and started playing around town a bit acoustically.”

“I also truly love “Anchors” for more than one reason; let’s start with the lyrics. The meaning here goes very deep, and this song could be one that fans of all genres could apply to a specific situation, making it very relatable...”

“The seven songs on this long EP/short album all are bright and sparkle with strong playing throughout. ’Enough’ is a ferocious rocker with a thick guitar sound and driving bass and drumming where it takes some significant pipes to get the vocals out front. But it holds together well, as do the rest of the six songs with fine production throughout.”

“Silhouette Cities’ guitarist and lead singer Phil Saraceno is busy promoting the band’s second album No Worse for the Wear, which will hit shelves August 4, 2015. The EP’s a follow-up to their 2012 5-song EP Objects in Motion. Phil took the time to answer five questions about the band and their creative process.”

"I got inspired by Phil's energy, to be honest with you," Campos-Lopez said. "I know a lot of guys with bands. I happen to have good friends in that field. Phil has something different. He's very creative. He's very open to any sort of idea."