Silent Old Mtns. / Press

“Meet Silent Old Mtns., a humble group of talented musicians that is on the brink of exploding all over the indie scene. Their debut record, Velvet Raccoon, explores the edgy and dirty side of folk-rock, resulting in one of the most refreshingly different listening experiences of this year.”

“There are a few Frederick bands that work really hard to gig consistently every weekend, but there is one band in particular that has been really upping the game lately. I’m talking about Silent Old Mtns. Not only have they been gigging relentlessly (3 local shows last weekend, 2 local shows next weekend for example), but they’ve also had some pretty awesome moments lately. One biggy being the release of their official video for Dead All The Time and the other is having had the honor of opening for Langhorne Slim at the Ottobar (Baltimore, MD) (videos here) about a month ago. Indeed some great leaps and bounds for a Frederick band whose first live performance was just a little over one year ago!”

“Very often, the true brilliance of a band doesn't come until multiple viewings of the band's live shows. This is especially true with younger bands, as one great live show could have just been a fluke, or a sign of great things to come. Silent Old Mountains is just about to hit their one year anniversary as a band, but they perform like a band full of ten year veterans. Combining their exceptional live show with a wide group of friends and family transformed a boring Tuesday night into a fun night showcasing an upcoming local band.”

“The second group to play was, in my mind, the star of the night. I mean, don’t get me wrong, TLATW was phenomenal, but these guys (Silent Old Mtns) blew my socks off like you wouldn’t believe. First of all, the banjo man opened the set with the best monologue in the universe and he was so passionate throughout the entire set that I made it my mission to find him after the show, give him a huge hug, and tell him he was my new favorite. The leads voice was astonishingly honest and heartfelt… as were the lyrics to the songs and the melodies of the tunes. I enjoyed every millisecond they were on stage and I don’t get that often.”

“Producer Myles Vlachos (The Color Fred) is producing Silent Old Mtns's debut LP. The first single, "Dead All The Time," is now on youtube.”

“Silent Old Mtns.’ music boasted soulful country tones that comically juxtaposed their pop punk-esque wardrobe. Whalen, donned in tight skinny jeans, passionately picked at his banjo while Bromhal showcased his wide vocal range and fervently strummed his guitar. Though the other three members of Silent Old Mtns. were absent from the performance, Bromhal and Whalen managed to fill the room with their passionate country-inspired sound, engaging the audience with loud, high-energy numbers like “That Telescope Find.””

“A young singer-songwriter, Andrew Bromhal, pulls up a music stand after Wright finishes, his first time at Writers Bloc. His voice is powerful, if haunting, as he bellows louder and louder in the little cafe, singing an original song.”