Silent Mind / Press

“For Singer/Songwriter Jamie Bright, Silent Mind is not just a catchy moniker or flashy gimmick, it’s a way of life. After taking a vow of silence for nearly a month at a Yoga Ashram outside of Montreal, Quebec back in June, Bright is eager to share his brand of introspective “iFolk” with the masses, and, with the release of Good Morning Mr. Bright, he is primed to do just that.”

"Bright is a tremendously gifted vocalist who can croon in a clean, pure-toned tenor or a raspy growl with equal effectiveness."

““I can honestly say this is the first record I ever done where I surrendered completely to the process,” said Bright, who expressed that he let his positive side flow freely in “Good Morning Mr. Bright.” His music is a blend of folk, alternative, soul, and pop, making the album an original feat filled with fresh sounds. Bright sings and plays several instruments himself, on the album, including guitar- acoustic and electric, bass, keyboard, and synthesizer. But with all the musical talent he possesses through his fingers and vocal chords, it is the genuine thoughts that churn through his mind that are truly special.”

"I was pleasantly surprised at singer Jamie Bright’s nice vocals and even more surprised at his guitar skills, which were tight as hell. "