Silas Feemster / Press

“The record opens with “No One to Cry for Me,” a foot-stompin’ romp filled with echoey vocals and anguished blues guitar. “I Feel Like Shouting,” the first track on side B, comes in with classic blues riffs that lead into a sweet gospel celebration, the dobro leading the revelry with its familiar wail. If you didn’t know Silas Feemster — or the fact that he’s usually posted up at bars like Thirsty’s, pickin’ his guitar — you might be inclined to think these tunes were recorded long, long ago. That vintage sound translates beautifully to vinyl, where each quiet moment is accented by the warm crackle that vinyl lovers crave. “This is a personal record — and vinyl is the right venue for it,” Stowell said.”

“At 28 years old, the Southeast Texas native has been playing since he was 14 and he’s found the sweet spot that I sometimes fear may become a lost art — he plays thacose gritty, gut-wrenching, guitar-pickin’, simple yet oh-so emotionally complicated blues, and he does it so good”