SiK / Press

“Dano Hibbs is one of "The Nine Best DFW Metal Guitarists." Pulse-pounding riffs and tunes that sound even better as the night progresses into morning.”

“For a band I have never heard of before I must say that SiK are totally awesome! There are strong hints of Pantera influences combined with C.O.C with a twist of modern style Black Sabbath. I know there are a lot of bands on the scene at the moment that have the Pantera groove thing going on but these guys have seemed to have made it their own. The one thing I think people might have a problem with is the guitar solos; it is a pretty ballsy thing to do pulling of Dimebag’s solo style, Dano does it really well. Another tune that caught my attention is Snake Eyes, the riff is awesome the drums have an off beat feeling to it in some parts which gives more dynamics to the overall feeling. The vocals are powerful and you can tell the guy is very talented indeed. The way he hits certain notes is astonishing. One more track I must mention is Razors Edge, it is also the first video taken for this album. The vocals take an interesting turn on this track it almost sounds like Chuck Billy.”

Andy666 - The Metal Review

“Dallas-based SiK has long been a solid live band & their latest CD is proof that they’re just as cohesive & confident in the studio. The one-two punch of “Dawn Again” followed by “Comin’ For You (Hellbound)” shows they can come up with catchy hooks then turn right around & lash out hammering rhythms. Between the throaty yet tuneful voice of Mookie, Dano’s tasty guitars & the driving Combo of bassist Nick & drummer Keith, SiK has more strengths than weaknesses. No Sense For Sanity even wraps up with the anthemic “Way Down South” which is the perfect ending to this nice shot of groove-heavy stomp that could only come from the great state of Texas. ”

Jerry Rutherford - Lit Magazine

“Why the hell this band is not headliners every weekend is a mystery to me. These boys kicked ass and the crowd knew it too. Mookie is a melodic under toned front man with a grab you by the seat of your pants high energy voice. While Dano’s riffs are down and dirty with just the right mix of a clean rhythm. Nick is an excellent bassist that keeps the groove in time with the man behind the massive kit. Keith is a machine with his double bass and a full kit that drives the hard-core metal down to your soul. This band is on their way and the rest of Dallas just needs to bow down and get the hell out of their way. Boys all I got to say is it was a pleasure and I will definitely be at the next one.”

Sandy - Jailhouse Live

“So you say you like your metal southern-fried with heavy doses of Black Tooth Grins, guitar solos and buckets of groove? Well look no further than SiK. Mike Sickels vocals are loaded with conviction and Dano Hibbs’ tremendously inspired guitar work really pushes the songs. The Rhythm section (bassist Nick Vargo and drummer Keith Wishon) also shines on tracks like “Nothing Left.” While they may not have hit their complete capability on this particular release, it would be worth keeping an eye on these guys just to see how far they can actually take their sound. ”

Justin Harris - Lit Magazine

“With Mike Sickels’ vocals and Dano Hibbs’ punishing guitar work bringing an early Metallica/COC crunch to the mix with bassist Nick Vargo and drummer Keith Wishon’s modern, Godsmack-esque grooves; SiK produce a sound as heavy as a brick shit house and twice as thick. This five song effort provides just a taste of what SiK has to offer, with hard hitters like ”Blood On Your Hands,” “Run Like Hell” and the highlight, “Time To Pay” leading the charge. It’s easy to picture throwing your horns in the air and thrashing along to a SiK live show while listening to this disc. If you’ve seen ‘em live, go see ‘em again. If you haven’t, what the hell are you waiting for?”

Kevin White - Harder Beat