Signum A.D. / Press

“The perfect mix of brutality, anger, melody, and aggression, and upon our first listen of the record, we found ourselves immediately slamming down the repeat button just to do it all over again. Every song on this album is definitely worth a purchase, and, fortunately, this record drops 8/21. So instead of your morning Starbucks, find your way to purchase this album and support damn good rock music!”

“Signum A.D.: "Veto The Vultures, Vol. 1" 5/5 Stars Well, I'm hooked...As crazy as it may seem, this in ways came across to me as a combination of Journey, Genesis, Three Days Grace, and Shinedown, in all the right ways. Feel free to argue the merit of my comparisons when the E.P. drops on August 21st, until then though, just trust that this is one of the best modern rock releases of the year and well worth a listen, or 50.”

“One of the coolest bands I’ve met with skill, songwriting talent, and drive is Signum A.D. from Kansas.”

“Sit tight, I’ve got a story to tell. In 2007, sound waves echoed through the city of Augusta, Kansas. These sound waves belonged to a group of four musical wizards; David Ruyle (vocals/guitars), Elliott Ecton (guitar/vocals), Brentin Deimel (bass), and David Lyon (drums). At that time a deep, punching ache belonged to a world of people hungry for more powerful modern rockers. Little did the world know that buried inside the sound waves, waiting to be exposed to their ears was a group hammering away songs that would quench the unfulfilled needs of the people. Although it took years of finding the right label, the right mixing and the Ethers to align, these sound waves manifested completely into a kick ass band called Signum A.D.”