Signel-Z / Press

“I really enjoyed that Steven. I can tell you guys really LOVE!! your craft in music.That's when happiness begins.”

"Signel-Z brings a cool sound that calms the nerves while simultaneously stoking the soul."

“Old Louisville Inn Thanks so much, you guys are GREAT!”

“Signel-Z – Did you see that our old friend Steve Ignelzi and his most excellent band of Jazzmoes landed an Italian advertising deal? It is always good to see older Italians rewarded for their good works.”


“When jazz was invented, Signel-Z did a feedback from the future and Louie Armstrong said, "Now I've got it!"”

“RAR Hey Steven, How is it that we talk (or type) all the time and I have never been aware of your great work with this band? Holy shit, I was just listening to your MySpace site, which I somehow didn't know existed, and these are killer tunes. I didn't even know you were a composing guy! Forgive me, master, for I have...well, been remiss. Really great stuff! And you are way too humble!”