Signal The Revolution / Press

“Signal The Revolution Demo Review - I'm sitting here checking out the brand new Signal The Revolution. I can already tell after a few seconds that this is some good stuff. Killer sound quality. "Dichotomy" is the first tune. This is radio-friendly but still has some grinding metal riffs going on. The vocals of Josh Carter are very good. He has an emotional voice that works very well with the music. I'm digging the chorus. Pretty catchy, and the muted guitar picking is cool as well. Fans of Sevendust and similar bands should like the new STR. New guitarist Chris Marple said he thinks this is his best music yet, and I think I agree with him. This music has something for everyone. The guitar tones are rockin'. Tasty effects too. Continued in next press blog..... ”

“Signal The Revolution Demo Review Continued... "The I In Hate" starts out with a melodic riff that sounds great. Then it kicks in like a punch to the face. Sounds fantastic. The laid-back mood is perfect. I bet a lot of chicks will like this song. Great songwriting, great musicianship. The guitar solo is killing. During the solo the music gets a good mixture of laid-back, heaviness and emotion, no complaints here. These guys should be touring or something! "Still Crawling" has a lovely clean guitar part. I'm a fan of clean effects/driven guitar parts. I have one complaint. The vocals do tend to sound the same on the songs. I can hear a scream or two during this song when it heavies up towards the middle, but no scream comes. Continued in next press blog.... ”

“Signal The Revolution Demo Review Continued.... "Circumstance" is slow and moving. I like the drum sounds. The vocals in this one are badass. Josh Carter sounds a lot like "E" Frazier from Of Sound Mind and Outspoken. I hear some very talented players in STR. Every member has excelled in their art form. It's easy to see these guys are professionals. This music is too good to be sitting around the Ohio Valley and doing nothing that is for certain. Rockers the world over would probably love to get a taste of some STR. This is the best original music I've heard coming out of Louevil for a good little while. Check out Signal The Revolution's four-song demo. It's good! ”

“Premier Louisville rock band Signal The Revolution has entered the studio to write and record a new album. They have added guitar player Chris Marple (formerly with Flaw, Caldera, Kentucky Deathwish) to the lineup. The band is trying to take their music to the next level. Adding Guitarist Chris Marple to the roster will definitely diversify and beef up the music! I told Chris that this was the perfect gig for him. He seems stoked to unleash some of the new riffs he has been writing. Not having to focus on playing and singing at the same time will allow vocalist Josh Carter to concentrate fully on excellent melodies. Also, Having Chris Marple and Zach Bandy focused on guitars only will help the music have more depth and creativity. STR is going to sound better than ever once they emerge from their cocoon-like status that they will be re-birthing in for the next month or two.”