Sidney B. / Press

“If you're looking for a unique sound that not only sounds amazing but energizes you in a way that's indescribable, then I recommend tuning into the sounds of Sidney B. Great lyrics, musicianship and not to mention his incredibly futuristic style makes him the type of artist the entire world will be singing along to his music very soon.”

Freddy Cameron, Founder of the Georgia Entertainment Association

“Sidney B. YouTube audience growth since he arrived in USA is unbelievable! Killer live tho!Play his music and let your listeners decide!”

Ray Mariner (Radio Personality-Star 94)Music industry Veteran (Columbi

“Sidney B. is the future of pop music, his sound and style is something that is missing in today's pop music.”

Legendary Record Promoter, Ron Herbert

“What makes this next entertainer the perfect artist is that he has the whole package including talent, style,charm, good looks, passion, and an international appeal.”

“Sidney B. is Amazing!”