SICMAN of Virginia / Press

““The band’s discography covers just about anything you could ask for. Complete with bizarre lyrics, straightforward scorchers with blistering guitar solos, very decisive drumming, pulled back songs, experimentation, i’m not sure what else you need.””

“The first time I heard anything about SICMAN of Virginia was in 2011, when my band MANisDOOMED! was added to a show with them in Norfolk, Va. at the last minute. We listened to some of their songs online, but it was the live show that knocked me on my ass. These guys are accomplished musicians, I would go so far as to use the word virtuoso. After that set, when I tried to convey what they are, all I could say was ” if Black Flag played the Grateful Dead’s music, it would be called SICMAN of Virginia.” the band has been putting out eclectic, Heavy Mellow releases from their own Studio J. Albums such as their last release “Stale as it Ever Was’, which is the only other album of theirs that I have listened to from beginning to end. That album pretty much had me shaking my head in disbelief. The music ran the gamut from psychedelic inflected 60s rave-ups, jazzy-folk meanderings, to sweet ballads, as well as eerie spookjams from outer space. Their 4th and newest release, Mournin”

“With what mostly sounds like just guitar, bass, drums and vocals they’ve managed to produce a distinctive collection, which doesn’t quite sound like anyone else.”