Shut Up / Press

“I’ve been hearing about this group known as Shut Up for a bit and meaning to check them out. Now I wish I had done it sooner! This is one RoKKin trio! I popped over to their soundcloud page for some late-night tunes and now I’m trapped by their sonic net… I don’t expect to get out till morning at the earliest. From atmospheric to straight rock and some off-the-path stops in between, they lay it down and snag the listener in the traditional Middle Tennesse no-holds-barred style."”

“...this Nashville, Tennessee-based trio are poised to make their mark on the world of music. The band is comprised of Megan Light (bass, lead vocals), Nathan Spears (guitar, vocal), and Zach Grace (drums, vocal). The songs on the band's debut album harken back to the 1990s when the United States was full of ultra cool underground pop/rock bands. When most folks think Nashville they think country music...but the city has always been home to an interesting and thriving underground rock/pop scene. Shut Up tunes tread on that fine line that separates art and music. Some of the tunes should appeal to fans of the underground...while others have a surprising amount of commercial appeal. Cool modern buzzsaw pop/rock cuts include "Friday Night," "Walking Away," "Invisible Friend" (a particularly beautiful cut), and "Mother." Great trippy cover art on this one courtesy of Michael Trebing. An up-and-coming band with a great deal to offer.”

“Mature but youthful lyrics and journeyman-level musicianship is what I expect will give this band "staying power" and if their debut release is any indication, they already have the recipe for radio-ready hits. Wanna turn your friends on to some new music for the summer? You won't go wrong with "Walking Away," "80's Babies," "Mother," or "Snow" for sure. Megan has a blessed voice - no doubt, and her bass skills are just as impressive. Nathan plays as if he were two. He creates a lot of sound from just one guitar. Zach hits it as cool as Charlie Watts until it's time to grab you by the neck and release his inner Keith Moon. It's probably for the best that there's a lot of personality in their playing because there's a a lot of personality in their sound. With all that personality, and variety, I think it's rather easy to find "your song" on this release. Even more, I think it's rather easy to be excited about their next release.”

Althea Johnson - Moozikoo

“New Osiamo Artists - Shut Up. Welcome aboard, Shut Up! Check out "80's Babies" for cool Shimverb sound.”