Shutterdown / Press

“The night quickly moved into dance mode with the smooth, ethereal Synthpop stylings of Pittsburgh’s Shutterdown, comprised of faery-like vocalist Antisa, musical magician/guitarist Max Bajzek, and outgoing bassist/keyboardist Zane Shapiro. Noteworthy this night was the addition of Shapiro and his live bass to the lineup, which brought a new fullness to the sound. Antisa flirted with the audience from the front of the stage, caressing cheeks and flashing doe eyes between verses. Her powerfully feminine voice was embraced by the timbres of Bajzek’s bright 12-string guitar and Shapiro’s resonant bass. All three musicians took turns playing keys, proof that Shutterdown’s music is truly a group effort among these multi-talented artists. And though the sweat poured from musicians and audience alike, even causing Bajzek and Shapiro to peel off their shirts for relief, the energized crowd couldn’t abstain from dancing to Shutterdown’s sultry beats.”

“Shutterdown, the openers, are a four-piece local band that brings an etheral touch and occasional Middle Eastern kick to their EBM. When asked about her zombie survival plans, New York native Antisa said, “I would head north, or to the jungle—get out of cities, go for extreme cold. And I’d get a unishovel.” http://doom-magazine.net/rancase/2012/03/09/trolling-for-musicians-iscintilla-and-company-vs-the-undead”