Shroud Eater / Press

“Two ladies and one dude kick up a mighty hurricane in Miami. They're like if Kylesa cut out the prog and played straight-up noise rock.”

Cosmo Lee - Decibel Magazine

“There's also something very South Florida in them in the vein of Cavity and Black Cobra. The opening demonic sizzler "We Are Beasts" (I feel the same way) and "Vesuvius" are excellent compositions, and Ms. Saiz's vocals are soul-damaging, which is a good thing in this context.”

“The EP is a sludgy, doom-a-riffic slab of bottom-feeding metal that could have been reared in the mucky Florida swamps alongside alligators and slithery snakes.”

“Next up was one of my new favorite bands, Miami’s Shroud Eater. Consisting of Jeannie Saiz on guitar and vocals, Janette Valentine on bass and Felipe Torres on drums, this Girl/ Girl /Guy juggernaut ripped open my chest and head with a sludgy low end pummeling and a heavy bottom groove. As I closed my eyes and listened to Jeannie assault on her guitar and Janette and Felipe heavy grooves, I envision a melting of High on Fire with a Helmet beat, Check this band out!”

“This is one metal band that is surely gearing up to make a name for itself. With a chugging guitar and bass, heavy and hard-hitting drums, and a voice rarely seen or heard in metal, Shroud Eater is ready to kick ass and take names… or maybe melt faces and hack off limbs. Whatever their goal may be, this is one band that has major trails to blaze in the metal world.”

“Fuzzy guitars, punked up screams and drums that could back any band from Motorhead to Weedeater make up a stellar recording. Guitarist / vocalist Jeannie Saiz is a bit of a powerhouse. She has this concise and economical guitar style and vocally you couldn’t make up her gender after twenty listens. Ambiguity is the word.”

“Dissonant melodies clash in snarling fuzzes with tribal and heavy-metal-precision percussion, like some growling Chinese dragon unleashed in flesh and blood. The dovetailing melodies too, hawk back to aforementioned era, with slanted intervals harmonising the unstable before uniting back in dark driving riffs. Vocals are combat orders on the front, deep yells sustained by throaty growls.”

“Wanna hear some dude cavemanning the fuck out of his drums, while depth-charging bass rampages under dirty, nasty FILTHY dark fuzzed out guitar? Wanna hear some of the ballsiest female vocals these ears have heard in many a year? YOU DO? Then you NEED to hear SHROUD EATER!”

“Vocalist and guitarist Jeannie Saiz's gravelly larynx churns out beastly rasps -- estrogen does wonders in maintaining a frequency that precludes that wholly annoying and clichéd demon growl -- and Torres' drums are full-frontal and seamless, giving a bit of order to the furious grooves Saiz and bassist Janette Valentine lay down.”

“This co-ed scuzz-doom trio unloads their river-dredging riffs like they were pouring wet concrete. Tempos vary from Coliseum-like blasts of wild-eyed rancor, to smooth chug-a-chugs imported from Sky Valley. Post-metal melodic interludes? Why the hell not? It’s a good deal of variety for a simple three-song EP, but the band is so damned confident in what they’re accomplishing, that the whole thing just sings on your palate like fine bourbon.”

“Fairly intricate interplay between vocals, slower/sludgier parts and galloping rock’n'roll/metal. Its a modern day metal/sludge/rock done right – with all the ferocity (and a certain amount of groove) that one can expect from such band.”

“Shroud Eater waste no time in showing they're capable of toying with structure to get a point across… there's more to the band than hardcore noise for grown-ups. Their take on noise is like AmRep for the literati.”

“If you ever wondered what Kyuss or the Jesus Lizard would sound like with a healthy estrogen dose, well, here it is: Miami's answer to Savannah's Kylesa.”