shrimp / Press

“On his latest release, Shrimp Tunes, he presents a collection of original songs rooted in Gulf Coast blues that displays impressive technical prowess and a sly, if at times silly, charm.”

“Shrimp adds wonder, context, whimsy, grit and an occasional malicious grin to every production, finessing his guitar, pounding the keyboard, kicking the bass drum, slapping the cow bell and delivering on both strong vocals and tight harmonies with an experienced ear and his own funky genius."”

Chuck Gallagher - Brown's Market Bistro

"Shrimp's musical energy is infectious, he'll rouse your rabble and make your dancing feet beg for mercy."

Cheryl Willoughby, Director of Programming - Vermont Public Radio, VPR Classical

"...the finest percussionist in the State of Vermont."

Mitch Barron - Session and performing bassist

"There are no youthful mistakes here. These four experienced guys (Mono Malo) are slick, smooth and serious as a well-honed straight razor."

GD Wright - FinnMetal Magazine

“(Rebecca's) band consists of electric/double bassist Mitch Barron and drummer "Shrimp." Together, this trio, along with a few guest musicians, has produced a very fine recording.”

Art Edelstein - The Times Argus