showroomdummies / Press

"Filthy techy remix from AMB - Great job! Deeper and more melodic rework from my personal hero Flack Su - Amazing tune!!! Proper Glack Audio sound - Outstanding job, guys :) "

Mesmer - (Sound Of Habib / Scarcity / RO):

"flack.su remix is massive, i will play it!"

Retroid - (Morphosis / Ego Shot / HU)

"glad tosee these tracks have been released, love em both top work!"

Double Negative - (Empathy Recordings / NZ):

"Great tune! I strongly support it! Thanks for the great music. :)"

Burufunk - (Shiznit / US):

"feeling the flack.su remix! quality!"

Dopamine - (Title Fight / Lot49)

“ “…this is great and the Amb mix is a stomper. I expect to see this on the shelves in the near future..great record and would love to hear more from these guys” ”

John Taylor - (space, Ibiza,History, Italy/Bcase, pale music, various , London - London)

“ “…curious and good.””

Jeff Reed - (Sonic Mook / Future Rock N Roll / Slack Sabbath / Label Catastrophic - Worldwi

“ “…Doesnt make the chart this week (maybe next week though)” ”

Joe Downie - (skrew (clockwork) MauMau Bar (Portobello), Water Rats (Kings X) , guest at Not

“ '…The original mix is ok starts off well””

Pete Cage - (Liars Club (The Social) Bugged Out / Club NME (Stealth) - Nottingham

“ '…like the original alot"”

Jonny Melton - (Nag Nag Nag - London)

““…was on the radio two weeks ago. amb mix is preferred”

Tayo Popoola - (Various - Worldwide)

“ "... yes it will get played on the show"”

Mark Nicholson - (The Milk Run / BBC Radio One - London)

"'…been getting great reaction on the local radio show"

Brendan Long - (Bugged Out!, Chibuku ,Voodoo, The End, Sankeys, - Liverpool, London, Mancheste