Shovels and Rope / Press

“Singer/songwriter Cary Ann Hearst rocks a unique brand of country: a coastal variant, sea-beaten and briny, but capable of stunning tranquility. We’ll call it “salt-country.”

“Shovels & Rope, a goth-country romp that puts most of the offerings out of Nashville to shame. ”

“Hearst is a little Southern spitfire with a country/blues/rock/punk soul, a gospel heart and hints of Neko Case and some classic country gals in her voice. When she and guitarist Barbour talked backstage after their gig, she used the word “blessed.” A lot.”

“It’s kind of like those early field recordings of folk and blues musician, where the recording sounds simply like one or two people making music in a room, nothing more. The songs and the musicianship have to be good, even if they are simple, because there is nothing to hide behind.”