Shot Silk / Press

“Not only does Shot Silk have the requisite powerhouse female singer in the group, the controllers behind the guitar and drums are females as well when they belt out their grungy, blues-infused rock. Bassist “Elf” doesn’t feel left out, though – Hayley (guitar) says he’s “The perfect guy for my girl band.” They are still pretty green in the scene, with only a year under their belts, but they don’t sound like noobs – that’s for sure. Progressive rhythms and unexpected twists and turns in their driving rock riffs keep things interesting and provide a bit of a ’70s throwback sound that rings a little bit of Jethro Tull or Santana mixed with Tool. Hooterfest will be Shot Silk’s first show back on the scene after singer Katie Dunn’s maternity leave. Now when people say she’s one “Hot Mama,” that can be taken literally.”

"Shot Silk has only been performing for a few months, but this Charlotte rock quartet is already developing a solid stage presence. Singer Katie Dunn has a comfortable approach to her performances while guitarist Hayley Lakeman drives forth the tunes with Tool-like riffs soaked in a hint of blues. If it’s this good already, I can’t wait to see how they continue to develop down the road."