“Shotgun Sugar is sweet. A hybrid of rock, pop, alternative and indie. Amazing vocals, instrumentation and production. This artist is pure sophistication. Powerful lyrical content coupled with catchy hooks. Very diverse playlist yet seamless. This music can and will be enjoyed by many on virtually any platform. Innovation, creativity, talent and marketability have earned this artist a slot on our 360 Watch List.”


“LA's Shotgun Sugar is a powerful band who focuses on performing a great an unique blend of pop rock, not really trying to focusing on one particular style, but trying to grab all of the best parts of their favorite musical influences and create something truly unique out of the mix. The band showcases all their potential during their explosive live performances, outlining the compact rhythm section, the prominent guitars and the emotional vocals.”

“We’ve Lost. We’ve Survived. We’ve Walked Away Stronger. by Kris Pierce, Halo Askew Entertainment All Alone by Shotgun Sugar is a cool hipster, OC styled pop rock anthem about finding that journey that turns loss into triumph. A grungy yet soulful Rudiger takes center stage in a matter-of-fact, now it’s over, doesn’t that suck, but I’m going to own it performace. He leads us through a series of vignettes about telling the girl “I thought you had my back but you let me down” and an addictive hook that’ll get you singing back, “you’re all alone.” and Chris Thornberry lifts the energy with his keyboard lines in a song about walking away from loss a bit stronger. You can hear their stage experience in the track. Sometimes artists forget to play to the crowd. Not this band. These guys are crowd pleasers.”

Kris Pierce, Halo Askew Entertainment

“Shotgun Sugar This pop band hailing from L.A. with great guitar work and vocals. The band is solid and tight and they present a professional production quality in all of their music. I really like to hear tracks that are well thought out and have a professionally produced sound and Shotgun Sugar definitely delivers. Overall these guys are the total entertainment package. They also have a video section for one of their songs called "Messed up Life" on their website. The video was well produced and the sound quality was very professional. The themes are relatable and a lot of fans will be able to say "I have totally been there before". This is essential when a band wants to be successful and Shotgun Sugar definitely did their homework when it comes to reaching a large fan base. This particular video is captivating and keeps the interest of the person watching with great angles and visual story telling that matches the song perfectly. ”