Shotgun Abby / Press

“Discovered in St. Louis Missouri, Shawn Telkamp is the flamboyant leader of Shotgun Abby. Blending elements of musical theater and heavy metal, he makes his Nashville debut at The Basement for their New Faces Night Tuesday, September 25..."It's kind of like 'Gothic Glee' chirps Erik Dail who met Shawn while his band was on tour. "Not since my days with Masa have I seen such committed passion in a performance". Shawn's vocals literally soar through a five octave range with regular use of his powerful falsetto that resonates with an operatic splendor unrivaled by any hard rock balladeer.”

“With a diverse rang of music, from The Beatles, Alice & Chains, Muse, Green Day, Metallica, Simon and Garfunkel this is definitely a band to see while dining with friends on the patio in downtown STL! COME OUT we look forward to having you.”