Short Handed Goal / Press

“If there's a local Rhode Island Ska band that can weather the storm of switching lead singers and actually come out on the other side of that transition better than when they started, it's Short Handed Goal. New lead singer and guitarist Glen Marshal takes over duties for the band's first full-length album. Through powerful guitars, punching vocals, and filthy yet seamless horn lines, Good Violent Riot delivers on the energy and forcefulness usually found at Short Handed Goal's live performances. Songs like 12 Pack, All Ska No Bulls#&^, and Call it a Comeback jump up and scream for your attention, and usually have you jumping with them. [...] The album's runaway standout hit is Rebel Radio, which features trombonist Ryan O'Keefe delivering a welcome and gritty vocal performance that gives this song the added depth of musical toughness to compliment its lyrical aggression. The perfect song to get up and skank to, Rebel Radio is a powerful and addictive pleasure...”