Short Changed / Press

“Short Changed-S/T CD Full speed ahead blazing skate core from the Land of Oaks! Do they have a lot of oak trees in Oakland? I didn’t see any. This disc rips! I was gonna pick it up but just as luck would have it, there it was in the review pile. I had one of their songs on my myspace page for awhile. Shouted, just shy of a scream, lyrics blast out over fast- tempoed-hardcore skater punk. SHORT CHANGED would have been very at home on one the early Thrasher SkateRock comps of the 80’s.”

Clusterfuxjosh - Profane Existence

“SHORT CHANGED-S/T (Rodent Popsicle, CD) Ever have one of those days where you just want to scream at the top of your lungs? Well, the bloodcurdling yell that starts "Bottle Or The Knife," the second track on Short Changed's first album, provides such a moment. That song appeared on their 7" from a few years ago but that's the only repeat (well, besides "Send In The Clones"). This is revved up, raw and boisterous hardcore punk. Angry-as-fuck vocals and, instead of guitar, the instrument with the strings is named "chainsaw." No stretch there. Observations about gentrification, white flight and the tragedy of assholes that smoke half your stash. Even though I don't smoke weed, I can feel their pain. Anyway, not a lot of nuance either, just bile, and there are days when one definitely needs a dose of that. (www.rodentpopsicle.com)”

“ SHORT CHANGED: Self-titled: CD Dirty, crusty hardcore. The cover has a rad drawing of a zombie pirate with a skateboard and a piece of pizza. Was this somehow made with me in mind? I usually don’t delve into the crusty end of things, but I gotta say that Short Changed are kicking some ass here. Sure, the lyrics are a bit screamy, but it’s not over the top and you can actually hear what he’s saying. The music is solid with lots of good breakdowns and machine gun drums. I picture kids with bandannas going nuts when these guys play. I’d go see ‘em in a heartbeat. –”

“SHORT CHANGED-Burn Down Wagon Town (Goat Power Recreation/Pyrate Punx, 7" EP) Lovely green/gray vinyl mixture and, in the grooves, this is romping, stomping fast hardcore punk. "Bottle or The Knife" is another song offering a reflection on ones life and, as they put it, "how you deal with it is the key." Amen to that and this band's charged sound. Down with the (Oakland) Raiders but up with the Pyrates! (http://pyratepunxrecords.com)”

“SHORT CHANGED-Burn Down Wagon Town (Goat Power Recreation 7" EP) Great eight-song debut 7" from this long standing Oakland band that has existed in various incarnations since the early part of this deacade. SHORT CHANGED plays wicked, ramcharging hardcore that is reminiscent of SCURVY DOGS with caustic, scowling vocals and relentless speed. There's a marked simplicity to the songs but it actually works in their favor, similar to some of the crust records of the early 90's where the catchiness or memorable-ness of the songs is extended by their easy to follow steps and direct attack. A good recording with lyrics that are all over the map about everything from seeing Star Wars on LSD to living the punk life of being broke, coping and not coping with alcohol, violence at shows, and a Pyrate Punx anthem”

? - Maximumrocknroll #301