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“Quite simply, Shock have delivered with 'Once Denied' a CD filled with power metal tunes that rival any debut album in that genre... Add to that a thundering rhythm section and some amazing guitar solos and you have one of the best metal CDs of 2013.”

“Once Denied is the kind of album that grows on the listener with each spin, infecting you like a drug that you just can’t get enough of…..I listen to it at least once a day ... Given the repertoire of music that this group have stashed away, one can only hope that Once Denied will be followed with more releases. Good things come to those who wait…….and you’ve been waiting for this whether you know it or not!”

"With a blend of classic metal, thrash and power styles it’s been worth the wait to finally get these tunes out to an audience beyond the North American borders. If you ever needed proof that metal never dies, and that you should never give up working for something, then this is it!"

“An album that I beleive the world needs to hear!...All in all, a truly excellent release that has quickly become a regular in my listening rotation. Check out Ottawa's Shock and their brand of 80's power metal with some decidedly thrashy overtones...”

“If you’re feeling reminiscent for a blast of old school heavy rock that is completely devoid of the whiney ‘woe is me’ mentality that dragged grunge and nu-metal into the dumps, then wrap your leather studded fist around this platter from the mighty SHOCK ... This is all metal, all real, all old school and all overflowing with monstrous riffs, catchy melodies ... in their steadfast refusal to ‘modernise’ lies great purity and belief.”

“Shock is more than the sum of its parts. There is a thriving energy coursing through the riffs and engaging lyrics that don’t seem dated or stale. The music elicits a slab of great power/traditional metal and I am hopeful fans all across North America get the opportunity to hear some great Canadian music.”

“digging the CD - great recording, vocals, cool twists and turns but authentically old school power metal like the mid-'80s US power metal definition? Does everything right - no frills slamming power chord metal.”

Martin Popoff, Metal Historian, Author, and Reviewer - Posted on SHOCK facebook page

"One of the best metal bands that never released an album has to be Canadian based power-metal outfit Shock, who are back after a more than 20 year hiatus."Jan.17,2013

“Tough music. Worth checkin out. Oct.10, 1986”

Dave Reynolds - Metal Forces Magazine

“It's a fiery album of classic melodic heavy metal, with nuances of speed and power metal. Strong clean vocals, roaring guitar solos, and a raging rhythm section propel this band and their music...Overall, Once Denied is powerful and entertaining classic heavy metal; it's hard to believe Shock was passed over by any label back in the day. It's good to have them back. Easily recommended.”

“Once Denied puts Shock on par to open the discussion for which power metal or thrash metal band has the greatest debut album of all time -- as it has to be up there with Metallica's Kill 'Em All and Iron Maiden's self-titled album as best debut in the genre...If you like early Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, and amazing guitar work, Shock's Once Denied is likely just what you are looking for”

“What I found was some great classic thrash songs with some really good guitar riffs. It’s understandable as to why Shock was tour mates with Megadeth and Metal Church as they share similar thrash metal sounds. Songs like ‘Full Speed Ahead’ and ‘Paths of Glory’ offer some great classic thrash tunes and speed metal sounds”

“makes for an album which sounds both retro and modern. The production is near perfect. It's never overstated or too "up front" making the album sound smooth and yet, perhaps, a little raw. In a way it's much like some of those classic thrash albums of old. Imagine "Once Denied" sounding like "Kill "Em All" and "Peace Sells...but Who's Buying".”