Shirley Lynn / Press

“..."I have grown belief in myself from times when I have truly struggled. I continue to reshape my thinking and have become thick skinned enough to focus on my own primary values rather than choose alternative mind babblings that lack support for my concerted effort.””

“‘For me working as a creative is an underlying passion that continues to drive me’ ~Shirl”

“Lynn shares: I’m learning to have more confidence as a creative. I can recognise negative thoughts, hearing what they have to say is a part of my process as is being selective about the need to act on them or not.”

“In the last few years music has become the pivot in Lynn’s life; she cannot let a day go by without picking up her guitar and working on songs and her craft of song writing. The words and music tend to come into existence together as she creates her songs with guitar and notebook in hand.”

“Local songwriter Shirley Lynn wrote the 2013 Song of Carnivale “My Kind of Paradise“!”

“Miss Carnivale and Song of Carnivale announced”

“Carnivale 2013 launched and ready for action.”

“After years of procrastination and indecision, another of the Far North's most talented songwriters will launch her debut EP tomorrow night at Terry Doyle's Songwriters On The Waterfront at Mondo Cafe & Bar.”