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“Shirley Jackson & Her Good Rockin' Daddys receive Bronze for the second year in a row for Best Blues Band with the Coast Reader's Choice Awards. Garrett Mason - Gold, Joe Murphy - Silver.”

“Shirley Jackson - Nomination 2019 for Educator of the year with the Nova Scotia Music Awards!”

“Nominees again for Best Blues Band in Halifax 2019 with the Best of The Coast.”

“Wow, what an incredible performance last evening. Thanks again for a stunning and exceptionally fun performance.”

“Shirley Jackson is the recipient of the Maple Blues Award for Horn Player in the 22nd annual Maple Blues Awards.”

“Colin James and Women Sweep the Maple Blues Awards. Seven women take trophies home from Koerner Hall Gala.”

“This year Charlie received Silver in the category. Congrats to Bronze finalist Shirley Jackson & Her Good Rockin' Daddys, and congrats and tip of the hat to Gold finalist, Garrett Mason. Thanks to all the fans who voted.”

“Shirley Jackson nominated for "Horn Player " with the 22nd Annual Maple Blues Awards 2018. Voting is open November 1st. This is Shirley's fourth nomination for the Maple Blues Awards and was a recipient in 2003.”

“Just announced, Shirley Jackson & Her Good Rockin' Daddys - Nova Scotia Music Awards nomination for Blues Recording with "Things Keep Lookin' Up'.”

“Nominated for the 'The Coast's Best Of' for Best Blues Band in Halifax 2018. Voting online until September 15th.”

“Bold and brassy horns pump for all they're worth. Nimble guitar picking is never a bad thing, and enjoys robust collaboration from a bass/drums team that knows well its lively duty. But it is Shirley's own knowing voice that rides atop, guiding toward a straight-up coolness.”

“This is a Halifax horn band: two saxes & trumpet carry the load. MBA winner Shirley Jackson leads on tenor & vocals, Dawn Hatfield on baritone and Dave Harrison on trumpet. There are two guitarists: Tom Crilley & Marc Doucet, with Jef Wirchenko on double bass and Ainslie Jardine on drums. Ms. Jackson wrote most of the songs and did the horn arrangements, showcased most admirably on the opening rousing instrumental “Back Porch Swing” which indeed swings like crazy. “Stir It Up” isn’t quite as uptempo, it’s a call to action with great lyrics that match what’s happening politically south of the border. “Things Keep Looking Up (If We Don’t Look Down)” is a rather attractive song about Ms. Jackson’s own life. A very good slow blues is the album’s main highlight for me: “He Won’t Be Coming Back” is a harrowing tale of domestic abuse. Lee Allen’s “Hot Rod Special” provides a jazzy pickmeup.”

“Shirley Jackson & Her Good Rockin' Daddys trumpet the sound inspired by the early years of Rock & Roll when horn sections were an integral part of the sound that is reminiscent of the times when honking and screaming saxophones fueled the dance floor in night clubs. Shirley was nominated as a 2013 Maple Blues Award – Horn Player of the Year. "Things Keep Lookin' Up" is a testament to her talent. Should you yearn for the nasty energy of a day-gone-by, then this is a CD for you to investigate.”

“Shirley Jackson and her band put on fire all concert halls and dance rooms with a repertoire that blends east coast blues with genuine old rock and roll, where horn sections had a prominent place. This is their fourth album which has been rounded up in a period of two years, that becomes a powerful combination of swing, rhythm and blues, ballads and some instrumental songs to satisfy a wide range of listeners. The recording includes sixteen tracks, nine of them Shirley Jackson’s own compositions. Shirley’s voice and tenor sax are perfectly framed by her band musicians, with her son Jef Wirchenko on bass, who is also responsible the whole band repertoire arrangements, Dawn Hatfield on baritone sax, Dave Harrison on trumpet, Tom Crilley on guitar and Ainslie Jardine on drums. The band cleverly displays an energetic repertoire, firmly based and full of suggestive harmonies. After many years of a firm progress, Shirley Jackson and her band follow on spreading in their shows a bunch of”

“Just Announced! The 2018 East Coast Music Award nominees are as follows: 2018 MUSIC AWARD NOMINEES Blues Recording of the Year Earle & Coffin - Wood Wire Blood & Bone Matt Minglewood - Fly Like Desperados Mike Biggar - Go All In Shirley Jackson & Her Good Rockin’ Daddys - Things Keep Lookin’ Up Wayne Nicholson and The Eastenders - Diggin’ the Dirt”

“I approach life in a two step always. Shirley Jackson & Her Good Rockin’ Daddys newest cd, “Things Keep Lookin’ Up” help me to maintain that stroll. Tight, bouncy instrumentals that set my toes tappin’, deep soulful blues ballads that drift me off into dreamland and then some sassy’ swing that strikes me on 2 & 4. A must add to any collection! Rockin’ Ronnie, Bluesday On Tuesday, CKUW 95.9 FM”

"This is an incredible album says Atlantic Seabreeze and just can't say enough of great things about the album. If this album doesn't get the listener up to dance, then there is something wrong. A + rating for the album out of 5 stars from Atlantic Seabreeze."

“TOP BLUES – NOVEMBER 2017 Published November 1, 2017 in News, Top Blues *Jim Byrnes Long Hot Summer Days Black Hen *Little Miss Higgins My Home, My Heart Self *Jackie Shane Any Other Way Numero Ronnie Earl The Luckiest Man Stony Plain Various Artists Hard Core Harp Electro-Fi *Morgan Davis Home Away From Home Electro-Fi *Downchild Something I’ve Done Linus *André Bisson Break Self *Mike “Mudfoot” McDonald Tired Of The Same Old Rut? Play This Self *Layla Zoe Songs From The Road Ruf *Wayne Nicholson & The Eastenders Diggin’ The Dirt Self *Al Wood & The Woodsmen Hooka Blues Self *Shirley Jackson & Her Good Rockin’ Daddys Things Are Lookin’ Up Self *Wes Mackey Back To The Shack Self *The Trade Offs Qaumariaq Self John Hammond Walkin’ Blues Live…Chicago & Toronto Klondike Son Seals & Johnny Winter Live…Chicago 1978 Air Cuts *Blue Mules Movin’ On Self *Shake N’ Cor & The Bonetones Best Life Self”

“Shirley Jackson & Her Good Rockin’ Daddys latest release “Things keep Looking Up “ is not an easy body of work to sit and listen to . Right from the first track - Back Porch Swing - , your feet start to tap , head starts to bob and you just want to dance . A nice blend of swing , jump and straight up blues . I have played this recording a couple of dozen times since it’s release and just when I feel I know what my favourite tracks are , one more listening changes my mind . I love when I get a new release that can do that to me and there aren’t many . This is the bands fourth album and it is easy to hear that a lot of care and work went into this one . There are 16 , yes 16 tracks on “ Things Keep Looking Up” and all solid tracks at that . There is a coherence to this album from beginning to end similar to reading a well written book . The band’s signature horn work accompanied by some tasty clean guitar and percussion make this one of my go to albums for 2017.”

Howie Van Tassell - Tic O Fog Podcast

“'Nova Scotia's Queen of swingin' blues comes through with more horn-filled fun.' Bob Mersereau”

“Toronto Maple Blues Award Nomination for Horn Player 2017”

“Interview with Canadian Shirley Jackson, a reputable saxophone player and songwriter in Blues scene”

“Things Keep Lookin' Up if you don't look down!”

““There's all kinds of fun to be found in the music of Shirley Jackson & Her Good Rockin' Daddys, from Jackson's coy persona in her vocals, to the tight swing and unbridled solos, especially from guitarist Marc Doucet. Jackson and Doucet show off some fine songwriting on this new CD.””

Stephen Cooke - The Chronicle Herald

"MUY BUENO. Singer and saxo player Shirley Jackson’s new album brings us eleven excellent tracks with a mixture of jump rockin’ blues swing spiced with some ‘tex mex’ music."

Vicente Zumel - Radio PICA/ La Hora del Blues

"Shirley Jackson, excellent tenor saxophone and singer, presents her first solo album with his group the usual Good Rockin 'Daddys."

Vicent Zumel - Radio PICA/ La Hora del Blues

"Shirley Jackson with her sassy sax has just garnered Canada's highest blues award, a Maple Blues Award for Horn Player of the Year."

Sheila Gavin - Are You Blues

"Jackson's hot sax wails...a flavorful blend of Texas-style jump blues, plus a dash of hopped-up R&B. The recognition for her debut cd "Careful What You Ask For" is long overdue."

Stephen Cooke - The Chronicle Herald

“Way to go SHIRLEY!!! Many people may not be aware of the hard work Shirley has done to keep the blues alive here on the East Coast. That combined with tons of talent makes her a much-deserved winner.”

John Campbelljohn

“I got bragging rights now! I can tell my grandchildren that back in 2002, I did a three day tour in Quebec, with the best blues sax player in Canada!”

Travis Furlong - of Glamour Puss Blues Band

“I think one of the finest moments of my Monday night was getting the opportunity to meet you. I got the impression that just being there was a rush for you. But when your name was called as the winner, the look on your face was priceless as you walked up to the podium. Congratulations on your night Shirley and I look forward to seeing you again.”

Baron Bedesky - Canadian Blues

“What better way to get the jump on the February blues- with the extension of the Maple Blues Awards gala as Shirley Jackson & Her Good Rockin' Daddys storm the stage. Halifax gives the blues it's dues... it will be hopping with the sounds of Shirley Jackson & Her Good Rockin' Daddys... a good time to catch some sax-fueled R&B.”

Stephen Cooke - The Chronicle Herald

“The band that got the crowd up and boogeying was Shirley Jackson & Her Good Rockin' Daddys. She's a real double threat with her tenor sax and alto voice that's just right for their cookin' Texas blues.”

Jim Cody - The Guardian

“Who would have thought you could hear hot texas style blues in the heart of P.E.I. Shirley Jackson & Her Good Rockin' Daddys Pull it off with ease...wowed the crowd, bringing them to their feet. They prove once again; when they play, you will most likely dance.”

Atlantic Gig

“Out of the bullpen comes sax- blowin' Shirley Jackson & Her Good Rockin' Daddys (great name). Jackson is a versatile player; equally at ease laying down a shuffle beat behind the drum kit or handling vocal chores out front. Some of the most charismatic players on stage. This may be the only mother and son combo on the circuit. One way of keeping track of the kids, even if they’re hanging out in a smoky blues bar.”

Sandy MacDonald - Daily News

"Shirley Jackson & Her Good Rockin' Daddys, who hail from Halifax down on Canada's east coast, the release of "Careful What You Ask For" ought to significantly expand their local reputation as a first-rate ensemble, easily the equal of most on the scene."

"Some of the hottest blues in the past few years has been coming to us from the North, and Shirle y Jackson & her Good Rockin' Daddys - another excellent blues band from Canada - are obviously musically equipped to see to it that it keeps on coming."

“Music & The Medium ~ Bringing the Past to the Present”

“Blues, jazz, roots will fill Chester Playhouse stage "Ladies in Blues on April 26 at 7:30 p.m. features Eileen Joyce, Shirley Jackson, Lela Coles, Linda Carvery and Krisanne Crowell doing tributes to their favourite women, including Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Peggy Lee, Irma Thomas and others."”

“The nominees are recognized both for their talent as well as their contribution to the growing Canadian blues music scene.”


“The (Rick Jeffery) tribute band included various artists from the Maritime Blues scene, including, Joe Murphy, Thersea Melenfant, Pam Marsh, Wayne Nicholson, Carter Chaplin, A. Jardine, Charlie Phillips, Mike Legget, and Shirley Jackson.”

“The Toronto Blues Society will be celebrating the 17th annual Maple Blues Awards by honouring nationally and internationally recognized Canadian blues artists from across the country...”

“2013 Music Nova Scotia Award Nominees Announced”

“Shirley Jackson - Makes People Happy”

“Get ready to boogie to the beat as Shirley Jackson & Her Good Rockin' Daddys Roll into the North Country on June June 16th for what is sure to be a spirited night at the Tillotson Centre in Colebrook, New Hampshire.”

“Get ready to boogie to the beat as Shirley Jackson and Her Good Rockin’ Daddys roll into the North Country on Sunday, June 16, for what is sure to be a high-spirited night of brass, vocals and funky beat at the Tillotson Center. Coming down from Canada, Shirley and her musical aggregation fuel the venues they appear at with a mix of horn-powered West Coast blues and swinging sounds. The Good Rockin’ Daddys hail to a sound inspired by the early years of Rock and Roll when horn sections were an integral part of the sound of swinging and rocking tunes. “We are delighted to have the Good Rockin’ Daddys come to Colebrook for their only U.S. engagement of this tour,” said Charlie Jordan, President of the Great North Woods Committee for the Arts, sponsors of the show. “We had the opportunity to see Shirley and her group in Halifax, Nova Scotia, earlier this year and immediately booked them for Colebrook. They really set the ‘joint to Jumpin'.”

Charlie Jordan - Colebrook Chronicle

“Besides a woman with a charming sex appeal, Shirley Jackson blows tenor sax like angels and sings on an unbelievable way. Shirley oozes swing, groove and great feeling, together with a perfect sense of tempo when she plays tenor sax that makes her performing become a lively flexible and colorful experience. For more than fifteen years Miss. Jackson and her band, The Good Rockin' Daddys, have been busy with a non-stop series of gigs and shows all over Canada, playing their mixture of blues, rock 'n' roll and swing in clubs, dance rooms and other venues. They are able to live up any evening or party, because they are very versatile musicians and their proposal is perfect to enjoy an unforgettable event and give pleasure to anybody who wants to book them, because they are a safe investment with no risk at all.”

“We already knew a singer named Jackson, and a sax player by the name of Roddy Jackson, now add Shirley to the list; a Canadian singer and tenor sax player. With her Good Rockin Daddys, she is now launching a new CD suitable for lovers of good rhythm and blues, music from Louisiana, and even dance music. Shirley’s new CD boasts original compositions that feature a strong brass section which can be enjoyed during both vocal and instrumental pieces. Does living on Lake Charles Street have anything to do with her producing such an accomplishment? But, in addition to New-Orleans-style pieces, and two bluesy ballads on the CD, the melodious “Don't Cry” and “Over A Lifetime” could be easily transformed into swamp pop, just by adding the saxes. What will follow this CD? Only Shirley knows! ”

“ECMA Nominees 2013 for "When The Money's All Gone' For Blues Recording.”

"A remarkable well put together album says Atlantic Seabreeze and gains high ratings on its rating list. It's the type of album that gets you dancing throughout with the urge for more of the type of music."

"Prepare for a rip roarin’ good time with The Pictou County Blues Society at the White Tail Pub and Grill. The Blues Society is ramping up again after the holiday season with its monthly shows, this month featuring Shirley Jackson & Her Good Rockin’ Daddys"

"Hot for teacher: Shirley Jackson & Her Good Rockin’ Daddys celebrate decades of good blues with a new album"

“Jackson & Daddys to Rock Wild Bill's: It’s going to be like old home week when Shirley Jackson and her Good Rockin’ Daddys roll into Alberta.”

"For Jackson the show will be a homecoming of sorts, since she grew up in Sundre and attended high school here before leaving the community to pursue her musical dreams."

“I'm a real sucker for horns, which means Shirley Jackson's got me right in her sights. The Nova Scotia singer and tenor player leads her Good Rockin' Daddies through a bunch of vintage blues and early rock n' roll numbers, fired by a four-piece horn unit. Jackson's blues are the jump variety for the most part, which means dancing and moving, and lots of fun numbers.”

"On their third full-length album, Jackson & the Daddys stretch out to let all seven pieces show what they can do..."

"One of 2007’s most surprising and, ultimately, rewarding releases is the brainchild of award-winning Tenor Sax stalwart Shirley Jackson and her handpicked crew, compromised of the cream of the Maritime blues and jazz crops."

“Shirley Jackson & Her Good Rockin' Daddys have become known as one of the most wildly entertaining Blues acts in all of Eastern Canada and the certainly have a very unique sound and image to offer audiences. Comfort Food should give Shirley Jackson & Her Good Rockin Daddys a big boost up the ladder of success and guarantee that the Blues World will stop and take serious notice of a band that can play rings around most everyone out there.”

“This month's recommended listening by John Valenteyn, host of John Valenteyn's Blues on ciut.fm, 89.5 and CD reviewer for Maple Blues.”

“She’s played with some of the best in the business but when it came time to decide who to work with on her latest album, Shirley Jackson had a simple decision. She wanted her regular band mates, her Good Rockin’ Daddys with her this time. “When The Money’s All Gone” is about as true as it gets to a live performance.”