“Shiny Toy Guns proved the most unexpected, and welcome, gift of the night. The Los Angeles quartet evoked "24 Hour Party People,"”

“Then....The Shiny Toy Guns, and OMG, wow, what performers. First off, I wish to marry Sisely Treasure, who is one of the singers and plays bass. Actually she switches off between bass and keyboards. But the energy and emotion she puts forth in her performance was unbelievable.”

““Season of Poison,” doesn’t disappoint. Their new live show and sound of the Shiny’s will be one of the most dramatic displays of technology and performance…melting state-of-art lighting and video into sound with a stage display of over 12 different instruments.”

“Major lighting changes were going on as the Shiny Toy Guns started to set up their equipment. It was pretty obvious that the touristy restaurant was going to change dramatically. Strobe lights and fog machines gave an ambient atmosphere that goes great with their music style.”

“Rock out with Shiny Toy Guns at the LA Weekly Detour festival where VIMBY sat down with them and talked about their latest record, Season of Poison.”

“The band is featured on the cover of this months Big Shot Magazine with Jeremy Dawson wearing the Vestal Vincent T-Shirt.”