Shinobi Ninja / Press

“The Video Game Cartridge CD This thing is the shit. Personally I think it tops the Freeway/Jake One packaging from the Stimulus Package released earlier this year. For video game heads, it a friggin NES cartridge. Check out the pic below.”

“Shinobi Ninja’s mix of hip hop, punk, rock and pop had Cameo dancing all night. The mix of musicians and personalities make for one of the most fun shows in NYC. We Stole The Show got a chance to speak to them after the show, check it out. **video interview**”

“And guess what — they sound great! Blending the lilting melodies of reggae with the volume of metal and the rhythm of hip hop, Shinobi Ninja is like an out-of-control house party. These six crazy neon-wearing kids go by old-skool names like Maniac Mike, Baby Girl, and Terminator Dave, and seem to inhabit a cartoon universe where normal rules don’t apply, but maybe video game rules do. They thrive on live interaction with their fans, from stealing beer out of the crowd’s hands at outdoor college shows to inviting people up on stage to show off their beatboxing skills.”