Shine! Shine!! Shine!!! / Press

“Dig your music. It's a rare find to find Jesus so plainly spelled out in a lot of christian music now days. Yet It's extremely important. Much respect, The Ragnots”

Ragnots - Fan

“Hi Brenda! It was a pleasant surprise for me to listen to your tuneful, moving, succesful and fascinating songs. I'm enjoying your gorgeous, strong ,pure and very impressive vocal. Just amazing. All the best wishes and good luck from a Danish fan and artist, Keld”

Keld - fan

“Great job!. You are very talented, your music is incredible. Your songs have a lot of energy, vibe, sweetness, passion and soul. Keep working well! Much success when it comes. Greetings and blessings. KANIZ. P.D.: "Praise You" have a great energy and really rocks!”

Kaniz - Fan

“Beautiful, outstanding, stunning songs that are so clearly spirit filled. God Bless you! Keep up the wonderful work, you are truly amazing! Such awesome talents! I am really loving all your beautiful tracks! My very best wishes to you from England. Rob.”

Robert Steven Hunt - Fan

“WOW, Love your VOICE!!!!!!”

Vonn Love - Fan

“The industry needs more Awesome Female Artist like you! One Love!”

Michael C. Mathews - Fan

“Great tunes outstanding I love it!”

Joe Adrian - Fan

“Beautiful voice and music!”

Bilbrey?Phillips - Fan

“Beautiful! All The Angels Sing is my fave! Best, ~Sere”

SereJazz - Fan

“I've been through so much, I can testify... ...You you are so fluent, so very fluent its so wooow, "You save me", nice song”

Sally Mwale - Fan

“Beautiful ~ Absolutely Beautiful ♥ Thank you ~ Shine! Shine!! Shine!!! Love it .... :D”

songs of Debra - Fan

“Your music is AWESOME and you are so talented. We wish all the best and much success.”

Laramie Kooley - Fan

“What a great sound you have! You Do Shine! God bless ya'll!”

Jarrod Neufeld - Fan

“Brenda, you have a beautiful voice and a beautiful message. I enjoy Praise and Worship music. God bless you!”

Mary Justice Licas - Fan

“superb vocals indeed!!!!!”

Fire - Fan

“healing voice up towards the sky! very nice”

Archie Winslow - Fan

“Stopping by to hear some excellent tunes. Very inspirational. Keep the music growing.”

Rob Owen - Fan

“Great music, Shine! Shine!! Shine!!!!:))) Stay unique as you are and sincere in what you do! Cheers!:)))”

Awe.some - Fan

“Hi Brenda!!! Awesome music and singing for the Lord!!! May you be blessed abundantly as you continue in your ministry!!!---Rene”

Rene Saucier - Fan

“Hello. Great music on your page! I really enjoyed listening. Keep up the good production.”

Anuerythm - Fan

“Best wishes for success in your music!”

Done Tipton - Fan

“Hello Brenda I stopped by to enjoy "Sunshine" a great way to inspire the start of my day! Have a Blessed day!”

Rocket Robert - Fan

“All the best to you always !!!Keep it up !!!”

Jamie King Colton - Fan

“Music all Shined up and new for all to feel !Sending a multitude of blessings your way !”

Jamie King Colton - Fan

“Hello from Arizona! Great music...glad to listen and show some support and respect to you. Best wishes to you.”

Commission:28 - Fan

“Award winning singer Brenda Cole performs at movie premiere "Of Sentimental Value" in Nashville, TN”

“Splendid music Brenda !! "Keep a song in your heart and praise on your lips" Peace & Love, LCB/jeffrey”

Lost City Band - Fan

“Love your music, Brenda! Your voice is soothing, and your music speaks to the heart. God bless you!”

Noteworthy Christian Music - Fan

“Stopping back by to enjoy your work! keep it coming!! much love ❤️”

Sarah Dalton - Fan

“Your voice is sexy and powerful and then it is angelic and sweet! I can't get enough of your music, I'm your number one fan! You are gorgeous, beautiful and talented and I am madly and passionately in love with everything about you!!! Love ya! Moon”

Cliff "Moon" Garrow - Fan

“Awesome stuff!”

Zhinto - Fan

“wow you rock and your music had me grooving much success to you”

Da Predator - Fan

“My favorite is Shine, Shine, Shine! Those children singing remind me of my grand children. Wow, am I getting old... God bless :)”

Mario de la Toress - Fan

“Cool music, a little country with a bit of blues”

Toad Strangler - Fan

“Enjoyed listening to your music today!”

Michelle Kasajian - Fan

“Thank you for the beautiful song Shine Shine Shine!”

Kriz Rogers - Fan

“Let your light continue to shine and your love for Him always grow thank you for sharing your gifts .. Henry”

Henry Staggers - Fan

“Hi Brenda Cole ~ Shine! Shine!! Shine!!! Great music! God bless you! Happiness!!! Success!!!”

Patricia Ohanna - Fan

“fabulous :)”

Katie Shorey - Fan

“Keep it up!”

Alyssa Trahan - Fan

“Click Web link for Press Releases & Reviews”

“Really love your voice Brenda! Great work on "Shine, Shine". Your voice certainly shines there!”

Mike Vinson - fan

“Keep doing what you do for the glory of the Lord. Just beautiful. Take care, stay encouraged & stay in touch”

Darryn Zewalk - fan

“beautiful vocals on #1 Gospel TAUGHT ME HOW TO LOVE AND I enjoyed every song so very much!!”

Tommy Blackwolf - fan

“Gooooood vibes here!!”

The Boulton Brothers - Fan

“keep rocking those great trxs”

Frontline - Fan

“Beautiful uplifting songs that makes you shine our brighter for Jesus!! ~ Fefe ◕‿◕”

Identity - fan

“Lovely voice and beautifully inspirational songs. May God bless you for using your talent for his good.”

The Rose of Sharon - fan

“Great positive songs, lovely vocals. W&W”

Wild&Welch - FAN

“LOVING Mississippi Woman.... REALLY GREAT VOCALS!!! Brilliant!!”

Payton Talor - Fan

“Great job with the music”

Bobby McIntyre - fan

“Great soft vocals....God bless. Keep on singing”

John J Flannagan - fan

" You Taught Me How To Love " excellent song.......Charles.

The Fabulous Del Counts - fan

“Great music! As a Mississippian in Nashville, I Love your song Mississippi Woman!”

Les Kerr - fan

" Star of Hope " fantastic track.....Charles.

The Fabulous Del Counts - fan

“Love "Mississippi Woman!" Great voice!”

David Wayne Tinch - fan

“Brenda Cole ~ Shine! Shine!! Shine!!! Link to Brenda Cole pictures with Tommy Dalton at Performing writer - see link”

“This is amazing! Praise be! Love it!”


“Back and enjoying your superb music in 2013!”

Anchroage Alaska - FAN

“Praise his holy name is awesome good track”

Aboi Doyle - FAN

“Love Jesus is Alive!!! Awesome!Great song!!!! Love the joy and faith which shines SO bright! With Love, Cindy Tuttle”

Cindy Tuttle - Fan

“Listen to " Mississippi Woman" Great vocals!!! God bless.”

Benjamin Elishama Campbell - Fan

“T.G.I.F. Blasting away n grroovin this evenin with your awesome track 'SunShine'. Incredible!!! Thanks for adding beauty to my day with your unique and extraordinary creative talent! Have a rockin weekend!!!! ♫。 ♪。 ♫。~ Fefe”

Identity - Fan

“Wishing you success and more success. Great fabulous tracks to prove it right here !!! U will be always on my listening list. Much love and peace ~ Fefe”

Identity - Fan

“Nice arrangements and a beautiful vocal delivery!”

Lost Generation - Fan

“♫。Yayy Its Sunday and Fefe's a-kickin off with your track ' Jesus Is Alive'!! ♫。Boy, its a great privilege to have met some great artists like you out here on Reverb Land. Great song n awesome sounds! - supremely accomplished and uplifting!!! ♫。You are a ★. Keep it real, keep it YOU ♫。”

Identity - Fan

“Mississippi Woman is a great track, Peace, Neil”

Neilsound - Fan

“Really good arrangements and vocals,enjoyed Don't want to sit around immensely,great job !”

John Hasnip - Fan

“Keep Rockin for Jesus. God bless....”

4Given - Fan

“The real deal ...!!!”

Rick Sparfven - Fan

“Great vocals and superb music!”

Anchorage Alaska - Fan

“You are simply awesome,”

Danniel Johhny Jonson jr - FAN

“A beautiful 'You' with a beautiful voice . Praise the Lord!!!”

Identity - Felicia - FAN

“GREAT WORK!!!! Very impressive ”

Valentina - FAN

“patsy might sing them but you have made this one your own "he called me baby"”

pinksideofthemoon - FAN

“Nice country sound and voice keep it rollin”

Gringo Willy - Fan

“Beautiful tracks by a wonderful voice!”

Yellowalbum - FAN

“Great to meet a sister in the Lord! Great!!!”

Glenn G - FAN

“Stars are born to shine so keep shining I love what you do”

Dvahyou - FAN

“I am honored to your friendship. Your tune is a happy sound. All is great. ”

The Onda - FAN

“Very talented artist with excellent compositions. BRavo!”

YellowAlbum - FAN

“You sound great!”

Sam Hatmaker - FAN

“Keep Makin' that Music!! I can feel your soul in what you do. I'm a Fan. Much Respect & Peace Josh”

Preeminent Truth - FAN

“You are a world class singer. Enjoyed you tracks. ”

Merle Jagger - FAN

“Hello Sunshine! Love your work xoxox :-)”

The Time Bomb - FAN

“My my my, you are awesome!!!!!. What a great voice!! Really amazed at your gift. You are surely anointed.”

Sonja Quintana - FAN

“WOW... you have such a sweet voice!”

Tima Montemayor - FAN

“Cool music, nice voice :D congratulations!!! you are veryyyyy coool :D ”

H20 Acoustic Rock Band - FAN

“Thank you for Shining so bright my awesome talented friend xoxoxoxox :-)”

The Time Bomb - FAN

“Awesome! Loved listening to you!”

Savanna Bleu - FAN

“What a great country voice and phrasing. ”

Kerry Leigh - FAN

“Shine, Really dig your vocals and great delivery of the lyric. Nice stuff. Daddy plays the banjo and we all sing. Love it. Russ”

Blue Mountain Mule - FAN

“Shine Shine Shine, awesome song and voice.”

Darren Rhodes - FAN

“enjoy your music”


“YEAH!!! You sound AWESOME!! Keep making GREAT music!”

Cathy J Johnson - FAN

“Enjoying your music tonight....Great tunes!!! All the best to you.....:-)”

Yolanda Foxx - FAN

“Sweet ! Peace <3”

Spirits of Another Day - FAN

“listening "Mississippi Woman", wow this is a very tasty country song, I love it!!”

Alice &amp; Bjorn - FAN

“I love these tracks - those guitars - lap and chicken picken tele are just killing it! - oh and you sing like an Angel! ”

Jim Marcotte - FAN

"Very Inspirational"

Alexandra DLG - FAN

“You have a great voice singing excellent country music ”

Audrey Tucker - FAN

“great music”

Ramize Yardsoul - FAN

“Excellent music! I feel the vibe!”


“Kikuta super happy tobe your friend :) ... I wish you and your band continued success as God continues to rain down on you”

Aji Kikuta - FAN

“Lovely voice! :)”

Kaeli Ann Moriah - FAN

“sounds great!”

Jake Clayton - FAN

“We love your music and voice! ”

Sons Of Palmer - FAN

"Excellent record. Artist in good form with good production."

Shane Wilder, PD TABC - TABC Syndicated Radio - Hollywood, Ca.

"Brenda is one of the freshest new female singers to bless our airwaves for some time. Her album 'Country Lover', doesn't have one bad song on it.'

Don Gilbert, MD - KSTC Colorado

“excellent songs and ya sounded great - lov the all the sound track especially the fiddle and steel - great band too - keep on keepin on!”

SilverCanon and Sunday Funnies - FAN

“Nice job !! liking your music! ”

Jim Marcotte - FAN

"In a word 'Excellent!' Super talent - fresh new female voice worthy of airplay. In one word 'Class'."

Music Director - WKDO AM-FM Kentucky


DJ Antonio - FAN

"Would like to commend her on these (songs). she did and excellent job. Her record will get played in regular rotation daily. Super CD Brenda. Keep up the good work."

Randy Peterson - KFBR Arizona

"..some writers write good songs - some singers sing well. This lady has loads of talent. She's writing good songs and sings them very well!"

John Coles - KTAN Arizona


jonozick - FAN

“Great music!!”

Nathan T Hunt - FAN

"Everything about this record is good. Will get a lot of airplay."

Mike Griffith - WVOH - Colorado

“You are very beautiful with a voice to match. ”

Stone Gate - FAN

"This is a great album"

Music Director - Kansas KMDO/KOMB

"Excelent CD. I was very impressed."

Music Director - KZZY North Dakota

"One of the most requested indie labels."

Music Director - WILE Ohio

"Audience response was excellent. This album is great."

Music Director - KWIQ Washington

"Excellent audience response. Thanks so much for your album. Brenda has got a great voice. This is a great album - keep it up!"

Muisc Director - WOPP Alabama

"Brenda is the greatest singing female sensation in at least two decades. I can't get enough!! Hang in there kid - let's show 'em!"

Eddie Smith - WKAC Alabama