Shiloh / Press

"... you can see this is not just a band of musicians but of close friends who have passion and drive. They are doing what they love, not for the money or the fame but for the sole purpose of happiness. Check them out, they will inspire you to live life the same. -Shiloh’s sound is soulful and raw. Is it unique? Definitely. Made up of a six, sometimes seven-piece band, Shiloh delivers unique sound. From the fiddle to the banjo, these guys have it covered."

"In our tea-and-coffee interview, the band described themselves as “rock & roll/American music with a folk aesthetic.” Shiloh’s sound can be raw, heavy, and emotional in one song and slide into the feel-good lazy folk that I just love. It’s difficult to put any label on the group for this reason, yet it is also what makes their eloquent and thoughtful lyrics, complemented by distinctive folk-rock music, so one-of-a-kind."