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“A new distinction of rock “n” roll was born in North Carolina. Shiloh personifies diversification in its most refined state. This band emanates innovation and an undiluted sound unlike that of the norm. Shiloh displays a perfect balance of assiduous guitar riffs, sententious vocals and a euphonious cadence unmatched by others. There is a strong, unyielding spirit that lay deep within the heart and soul of Shiloh. At the core of their existence, each member pours their own individual talents into the foundation in which the band stands unwavering. Through their affluent and lush sounds, Shiloh produces music that is undeniably in a class all its own....Musically their taste spans widely across genre’s and time with some such influences as The Beatles, Frank Zappa, Journey and Guns n Roses....check out this great band and look for bright things to come in the future success of their endeavors! ~JLynn~ ”

“Hey, I listened to some of your songs, and they remind me of coheed and cambria's the second stage turbine blade. No that's not a bad thing.”

"I just want you guys to know I can't get enough of your music. It realxes me when I'm upset. Thanks for great music!" "theres no other band that can cheer me up when im down like you guys so please keep up the great job."

“you have some great songs!!”

“oh my god u guys are actually good i clicked on u when i seen the friend invite expecting 2 hear another bunch of wanna bes that cant sing worth a crap u know the "usual" networking friends request but u guys sound like the pros anyways thats all i wanted 2 say”

“Your songs were most popular with fans of The Beatles.”

“cant waite till i get itunes money. i have told 4 people and they love the band”

“your music is cool... you sorta remind me of panic! at the disco... their old stuff not their new stuff...”

“The band I saw last night was Shiloh, it was fun! Rock'n'roll and heavy metal had a baby and they named it Shiloh.”

“WOW!!! man I gotta say you guys really stepped up your game for this album. Fuckin great album guys! Excellent song writing, the hooks were snaring me on the first listen. I'm going to show this to many friends out this way, great job, great production. I love it!”

“its great! it really is a good cd, i listen to it all the time.”

"the new song is absolutely killer... Children of the Interstate should be on every rock radio playlist!"

“Hey Shiloh, big fan. I got the new album and I love it.”

“Yeah dude, I love that cd! I can't wait to hear the new one!”

“SHiLOH has redefined their sound with the band's sophomore album, Children of the Interstate, which could very well be a rock fan's dream come true.”

Jeff Badalucco - Lifenergy Music

“Part Punk Metal with Hardcore breakdowns and melodic interludes...Imagine Atreyu, Funeral for a Friend, 18 Visions, and Zebrahead...The Warped Tour would probably be fitting for the target of the band’s message."”