Shifta / Press

“Shifta opens at 2013 Sunfest in West Palm Beach for Mac Miller / Kendrick Lamar in front of 20k fans.”


“The main man is Shifta though. The 22 year old native from Kingston, Jamaica brings a distinctive sound to this track. The track has a catchy Miami dance style and its mixed with his Jamaican accent which makes the track even better! ”

“Shifta explains, "My style is a bit different, but I am also capable of material the hardcore dancehall fans love and respect. My aim is to send a positive message to the youth around the world..”

“South Florida-based Jamaican artiste, Shifta, has collaborated with American rapper, Flo-Rida, for the remix of Shifta’s single “Do It”... Shifta is also currently working on his debut album.”

“The best track up on here was the “Love In Da Club” remix with Shifta..This is that party joint for real. Walshy Killa from Black Chiney on the mix like a pro, he makes you listen to some shit you normally wouldn’t listen too…well at least me anyway.”

“Shifta & Flo Rida got together in Miami’s premiere studio, Circle House, owned by legendary reggae group, Inner Circle. The meeting resulted in Flo Rida laying down two verses on the new single, which Shifta is now gearing up to release.”