She Walks Without Legs / Press

"This is the grateful dead of metal, made up their own style, gonna be huge, first album release in september."

RAM Productions

“Do you ever get mad when people try to bite you in the nuggets?”

Aaron Freeman SWWL - a latenight publication

“These guys weren't as bad as i remember”

some drunk guy

"Now that everyone and their mom is in a band,an inadvertant side effect is that all the good band names have been taken.So maybe it's time to be a little more forgiving when a band doesn't exactly have a name that punches you in the face with originality or pith.Case in point:She Walks Without Legs,who opened a local metal bill at Cherry Street Station this past Saturday.Their name just confuses me.Does she hover?Do her girl parts carry her along?Forgive them.It was their first gig,and musically speaking,they did just fine. That said,the songs are still high energy,full of dissonance and unexpected rythms.Given some time,they might be able to craft enough original style to break the mold."

Dan Berry - The Hartford Advocate