Shevonne Philidor / Press

“The trio also give a thumbs-up to singer Shevonne Philidor”

“Osbourne applauded her confidence, range and beauty”

“Shevonne is back as one of this year’s wild-card acts with a look and sound that could make her a dark horse to win the whole contest”

“She’s beautiful and talented”

“The audience comes to their feet”

"Among the best acts of last evening was Shevonne, a singer whose voice possesses an otherworldly quality"

“She’s gorgeous!”

“She's definitely talented”

“Other acts included singer Shevonne who the judges said they 'regretted' sending home previously ”

“Did Shevonne Get Shafted?”

“Shevonne Philidor is What's Right with Tampa Bay”

“Shevonne rocked the house with a passionnate performance”

“Singer Shevonne, who was eliminated in Vegas, returned to receive high praise from the judges ”

“Shevonne shows real moxie on America's Got Talent ”

“Shevonne sings with guitar on America's Got Talent 2011, Wildcard live! ”

"She's got a lot of talent, a natural performer,"