She's Alive / Press

““One mended broken arm and two messy band break-ups later, She's Alive was born.” Plenty of morale-building and fan-galvanizing regional gigs followed; now the band will hit the road in late summer to see where their power-pop pirate ship will take them. “We never know how things will turn out,” says Rogers. “The sky is the limit and each day is a new adventure.””

“As the lights went down and the stage curtains opened, the local Pop Rock band She’s Alive made their first explosive appearance of the night. She’s Alive is one band that completely blew me away from start to finish. Being as how this is the bands first year together, they have more potential and energy than those bands that have been together for five years.”

“The first release for a band is a major stepping stone, and She's Alive have taken a huge step forward with Left To Live For. This record is enegetic, catchy and diverse. If they keep improving from this point while continuously developing their skills, there is no doubt in my mind that they will make it past Chicago DIY and on to a full-time touring gig. She's Alive showed that they really have some chops on this record, and trust me when I say that this is one band worth watching.”