Sherry Austin with Henhouse / Press

“I enjoyed Sherry Austin with Henhouse from the first note on. Her beautiful voice and well crafted songs with the superb harmonies of Henhouse made me stand up and shout! And so did the audience. The musicianship of this band is outstanding and I can't wait to have them back again. ”

Kiki Wow - Plaza Linda Cafe, Carmel Valley

"This recording is the best thing I have heard for months and months.. It is a musical gem , a CD that will last in people 's mind. Thanks again for these unforgettable recordings ...you more than made my day."

Mike Penard - Radio ISA

“Imagine a record made by Eliza Gilkyson and Townes Van Zandt with lots of help from Emmy Lou Harris and you get a good idea of what Sherry Austin’s new release sounds like to me. This record has a wonderful live feel to it...”

Mark Michaelis - Acoustic Harmony

“Sherry’s songs have the freshness of a crisp breeze observing the world through clear, bright eyes. Her singing is warm and inviting with swell Santa Cruz players in support. Fine, friendly album.”

Sing Out

" Sherry Austin: a singer who is going to break through. Her new album is mature, wry, smart, sensitive and funny. ..in her unassuming way, she is a much bigger talent than she gives herself credit for being."

Brad Kava - San Jose Mercury News