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““Get Off the Pew” Outreach 24/7 Outreach Productions 2010 www.outreach247.org Outreach 24/7 sounds like a new group of superheroes. Based on their single, “Get Off the Pew,” they might as well be. On “Get Off the Pew,” the mixed vocal group from Washington, CD tells stories of troubled souls at a crossroads (e.g., a teenaged father, an alcoholic). They order their fellow saved to not just sit there, but “get off the pew” and help them help these troubled souls. Amen to that! The neo-soul anthem (the group calls their style “Gospel Groove”) reminds me of Arrested Development during its awesome 3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of… years.”

“The Outreach 24-7 band was founded by leaders at the Washington, D.C.-area megachurch Jericho City of Praise. The group uses its a unique sound-- a mix of go-go, hip hop, jazz and contemperorary gospel-- to bring God's music to a younger generation. CBN News spoke with Outreach 24/7 about their style and mission as musicians for Christ.”

“The title track sets the tone. Outreach 24/7 bursts forth like a religious Fantastic Four, God’s Superheroes, seemingly busting down church doors, entering en masse and mandating its people to act like a church: “get off the pew” and “let your light shine” by helping those less fortunate. The high-spirited energy of this opening piece bleeds into successive praise songs such as “God is Power,” “You Better Recognize” and the hypnotic, Caribbean-styled “You Are My King.” The second half of Get Off the Pew cools into a prayerful, contemplative worship service, the kind one hears on Shekinah Glory Ministry projects. The standout track on the second half is “We Really Need You” a passionately rendered reflection on the need for divine presence in the midst of natural and unnatural disasters that have befallen the world in the past decade. It is sure to get arms waving in unison.”