Sherna Armstrong / Press

“Wow what a voice !! Amazing depth and warmth . Very soulful :) Cheers dear and greetings from India :) Muby .”

Muby - ReverbNation

“Okay here is the deal ... This LADY is one of the two BEST jazz vocalist I EVER heard in the world....I do travel. Sherna Armstrong Band”

“Much Love Not Only Do I "Love" Comedy I "Love" The "Sherna Armstrong Band"”

“This lady can as they say ...Blow back and forth...from her heart. Sherna Armstrong...do your thang!”

“Only two performers captured the different styles within this opera. Victor Ryan Robertson as Sportin’ Life plays a flashy dope peddler. He gets some of the more famous songs to sing in the show, and he delivers them with differing vocal stylizations based on the nature of the tune. His delivery of the song "It Ain’t Necessarily So" proved he is an operatic tenor, but also a jazz stylist. He slides from a pop tune delivery to soaring notes within the same song, yet it felt complete. Sherna Armstrong in the smaller role of Lily did the same thing. Both performers left very memorable impressions.”

““Theatre of Love: The Perfect Valentine’s treat. MBS Productions' Theatre of Love is a pleasant mixture of songs, poems and short plays which all have a common theme: love. The show… is quite freewheeling and almost improvisational in nature…..The four men and four women who made up the troupe in Theatre of Love were all talented and had energy and enthusiasm to spare. Coming out especially ahead in the evening were Sherna Armstrong, who belted out a goosepimple-inducing "My Man"...”

Joseph Melnicoff - Broadwayworld.com

“Wonderful job tonight at Tuckers Blues!!!!! u where simply the best!!!!!! Better than all the rest!”

Tammie Woods - FaceBook

“It's about the last performance of Billie Holiday in a Philadelphia bar and Grill. you should come to see Sherna Armstrong and Dondravian Roberson - ...they are fantastic as Billie Holiday and Jimmy Powell. Her singing and his piano playing bring you back to the times when it wasn't so politically correct but when talent was flourishing!”

Jojee Alvarez - FaceBook

“Last night's performance was wonderful, Sherna. You can be very confident tonight, so in tradition we say - break a leg!”

Bobbie Grimes Piazza - FaceBook

“Sherna Armstrong is an amazing vocalist and is our special guest!”

Mahogany The Artist - FaceBook

“Great vocalist spreading the LOVE through MUSIC!!!!”

Phillip Todd Brewer - FaceBook

“ARMSTRONG !!!!! You were awesome on that " "T'aint Nobody's Business" !!!!!! I really enjoyed your performance !!”

Rob Holbert - FaceBook

“Hey Sherna Armstrong thanks for coming out last nite to the women in jazz event and blessing us with your amazing voice------- and just being a lt of fun to hang out with :)))).”

Joyce Spencer - FaceBook

“More thrills with the the versatile Sherna Armstrong:) — with Sherna Armstrong at We Love Flip (Ray Flippen, Sr.).”

Loretta Marcoux Dunnaway - FaceBook

“What a fantastic voice ! Great song selection Sherna, you sound excellent :-D”

John Hasnip - ReverbNation

“...my friend Sherna Armstrong (Pro Vocalist of jazz, Blues, opera, etc).... Just had to share!! Go Sherna...Lookin' Goooood!!”

Joyce Spencer - FaceBook

“.....heard the great Sherna Armstrong. Amazing what opera training can do for a jazz singer:)”

Loretta Marcoux Dunnaway - FaceBook

“Whats good fam, you got some dope music!”

King Bates - ReverbNation