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“All songs on I.A.L.B.B. have great instrumentation and rhythm that will hold your attention all the way. I do have to admit, though, that AMBITION and BLUEPRINT standout above the rest of the admirable tracks.”

P.Burns(ReviewIndie.com) - P.Burns(ReviewIndie.com)

“I.A.L.B.B. is beyond unbelievable. The music styles include deep beats and smooth melodies, with some beautiful synth interludes. Every time you listen to this album you'll want to hear it more and more... it is almost addictive. Great Instrumentation & Rhythm! ”

Jacob Aiden - Jacob Aiden

“I absolutely adore this stuff. This is the kind of music that just makes you feel good! I would highly recommend this album if you're looking for something to lift your spirits and move your soul! This is the essence of modern instrumental music!!! Shemaiah does the job! ”

M.William(ReviewIndie.com) - ReviewIndie.com

“Beautiful tracks. I can really feel your passion coming through. Love them.”

“Nice music my man!”

“Dope trax...i digz that "promise"”

“Stoppin thru your page to check out your music! Be sure to "Like" my new facebook page!! Thx 4 the support!! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Eva-Rivera-Ferrell/279288528800525”

“As With Life, If You give 100%, Then expect 2 Get 100%. Everything You do reflects everything You are. Never stop reachin 4 the #1 Spot ”

“Shemaiah Reed holds it down on The Dusk Spot from San Antonio. Shemaiah is the first member to make a repeat appearance as The Featured Spot of The Week, due to his consistent and heavy dedication to The Dusk Spot. He has been a member of the site since July 15th and has released multiple viral videos featuring his remixes and original beats. Shemaiah has even gotten high praise by a lot of his peers on the site to do some projects together. Keep up with his journey of what happens when you support others as much as you request it.”

“great work with your music bro we def. gotta link up soon!!! keep doin ya thang Hurd It”

“Shemaiah is one of those producers who digs into deep in his soul for his musical inspiration and with this new R&B beat he has released its just small bit of his great talents.”

“Stopping by with some support!! Much love! ♥ ♥ ♥”

“Motivation is a dirty beat, Keep shinning”

“i was born for win i love this beat ;) peace bro”

“Shemaiah Reed holds it down on The Dusk Spot from San Antonio. Shemaiah Reed is first off an musician who truly believes you are only as strong as your network. He not only promotes his talents, but takes the time out to support others through strong promotion on social networks. Shemaiah is the inspiration behind one of the most recent "TTofTheDay" on The Dusk Spot, which is #TeamMusic. Shemaiah Reed joined The Dusk Spot without being asked, but simply because he felt the vision of the network and appreciate how there's a social network that works for the members and with them. Check out some of his stuff on his Youtube Channel and find out the direction of great musical abilities. ”

“preciate you becoming a fan of mine. 100”

“MUCH LUV N RESPECT..KEEP MAKIN MUSIC. Please check out my music and add my music page!!! http://www.facebook.com/pages/SAD-GIRL/106527462753164”

“I would love to collab on a song with you guys! keep up the grind Live, Love, Music... B-banga - Chicks Get Ciroc!”

“this stuff is really nice man. keep up the good work; maybe we could colab on something? collective dreams”

“Top Flight"....is hella coo!!!”

“Hi Shemaiah-I am really feeling your creations man..Great work!”