Shelly Waters / Press

“We’re excited to share Shelly Waters’ new video for “Drive,” the title track from her new release out now on Moonwatcher Music. Waters’ strong, deep Americana and Country sound and distinct voice are showcased here. This twangy, soulful song expertly conveys the lyrical meaning. That sense of longing, of knowing there’s gotta be more.”

“My favorites are the bluegrass-blues flavored “Little Old House,” the slide-guitar-powered title song, the country-bopping “Dance in the Rain,” the twangy “She Waits” and the beautiful-but-exhausted “Need to Rest. Broad-minded Americana fans will dig this one. (HHHH)”

Sun Herald

“If there is one word we would use to describe Shelly Waters’ music that word would be…real. In a world where most commercial artists have a sound that is about as genuine as a can of Cheese Whiz, Drive immediately stands out. If all the pieces fall into place as they should, Shelly may soon find herself playing for some huge crowds.”

“To borrow a line from Donny and Marie, Shelly is a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll . . . with a bit of great cajun spice thrown it to make things interesting. This is a great CD by an up and coming artist who I think we’ll hear a lot more about in the years to come. I’m keeping my eyes on her.”

“Shelly never fails to impress with the musicality of the tracks. However, it is Shelly’s voice that really carries the day and makes this album stand out...looks set to become a real leading light of Americana.”

“Ten singer-songwriter tracks mixing up country, rock and blues...The singer-songwriter field is overcrowded at the moment, but Waters songs are well worth searching out if you’re a fan of those first sentence genres or just good music in general.”

“There’s a new artist on the Americana scene, but Shelly Waters is not a beginner. Fans should be thankful for whatever it was that made Waters decide to tweak her sound as Drive reveals a stunning talent not far from household name status.”

“Drive is the result of the muse in Shelly Waters’ life breaking down the door and looking for a ride. Drive dials in an AM radio country that pours like the weather over Shelly as she goes for a “Dance in the Rain”, puts funk in the gas tank as she heads to “State Line” and freckles the air with firefly notes as she answers the gypsy call in the title track.”

“Shelly Waters showcases her vocals, songwriting chops on sublime new album ‘Drive’...I doubt I’d ever get tired of hearing Shelly Waters sing. The Louisiana native has one of those voices that lures you right in and proceeds to envelop you in sonic warmth. Highly recommended.”