Shelly Dubois / Press

“Shelly’s music to me signifies Country music as it should be - she is a true artist and performer, one foot in the future of Country, one foot in the past and she blends the two to make an infectious sound. She's one of my favorite people on the planet, keep your eye on this lady.”

“Beautiful heartfelt passion and soul in your voice and excellent musicianship Shelly!!!”

John Revitte - Fan Message

“Shelly, I love the edge and intensity in your vocals. You grab the attention of the listener and hold it. Excellent!”

Randy Young - Reverbnation Fan

“What a great voice and music!”

Toby Gearhart - Fan Message

“It starts with the song. The Songs that can take your breath away or leave you with a tear in your eye. Add to this a beautiful, clear, natural, voice as strong as anybody that comes out of Nashville these days. She is on her way up. Way up! ”

Robert McCourty - Artistic Director, Island Folk Fest

“Pro through and through “Shelly Dubois has been a regular at the Dancing Bean and has never failed to light up the room. Over the years we have come to know her and we have come to expect a real treat each time she shows up and have yet to be been disappointed. She always left us hoping to hear just a little bit more. Her spirit and her music lifts you up, makes you listen and then gently sets you back down in a better place. But don’t let that down home laid back aura fool you this gal is a pro through and through. A pure and powerful vocal backed by a tightly knit combo delivers the message each and every time”.”

“Great music, great mix, really like She Knows A Better Life Now. Your voice is very smooth and clean, great talent.”

Casey, Christina, and Abbie - Hangin' with Stogie - Reverbnation Fan

“You are a powerhouse. Keep it rockin'. ”

The Human Project - Reverbnation Fan

“Well Shelly, am a fan for sure. Great job with the songs. Even our 3 year old and 1 year old grandaughters were dancing yesterday when they heard them.”

Aline Roy - Facebook Fan

“Congratulations Shelly you sound fantastic, keep it up!”

Marilyn Schultze - Facebook Fan

“Great Songs from a kind soul and talented lady.”

Dan Cyr - Local Fan - Courtenay

“Thanks for sending the invite. Beautiful music from such a beautiful soul.”

Doris Couturier Bateman - Facebook Fan

“Creative, compelling, songwriting and performances!”

Kerry Leigh - Fan Message

“HI Lovely! AWESOME PARTY LAST NIGHT! You sing with such heart and soul. You're a great musician, songwriter and compadre. Best of Luck with your new CD. I hope it takes you to fabulous places and I'm so honored to be a part of it. Love, muchas gracias Shelley”

“Music is a gift from God that soothes the soul and you have and share the gift.”

Shirley Yurkewich - Facebook Fan

“Great CD Shelly, Sounds like Nashville, British Columbia!! ;o)”

“Just lovin it can't get enough God bless”

Gene Paradis - Fan Message

“I have been listening to your CD. I think your songwriting is fantastic and I am pretty sure you have more than "one" hit on your hands. So keep on promoting! I wish you all the very best. Blessings ~ Pauline :0)”

“Right on Shelly, this is the greatest, you have finally done what you set out to do!!!!!!”

Denise Guertin - Facebook Fan

“WOW Shelly! Beautiful voice and wonderful music! I enjoyed it all. It's all great and hard to pick one favorite but I really like "Since I Met You". Keep on writing and singing and I'll be listening. Your new fan, Mike.”

Mike Sartwell - Reverbnation Fan

“Thank you for performing at our "One Day" Customer Appreciation sale. The day was a huge success with much of the credit belonging to you and your band. Our customers thoroughly enjoyed listening to you and we hope to have you back next year.”

Mark Wilson, Operations Manager - Country Grocer

“Awesome voice and Great Classic Country sound!!! :) Keep up the great work!!”

Payton Taylor - Reverbnation Fan

“Awesome! Brilliant! Lovely! Fabulous! Superb! 5 STARS!!!!”

Helder Rock a.k.a. The Misfit - Fan Message

“I'm fully enjoying your songs. The lyrics are great and awesome guitar playing. You have this singing/songwriting thing pretty much down pat. Awesome vox. Nice work!”

Rod Fritz - Reverbnation Fan

“You are an inspiration Shelly. I listened to your CD online and was completely blown away once again by your talent in songwriting, playing and singing. I could feel your passion for what you do. Congrats Shelly. We are cheering you on back home.”

Donna Myles - Long Distance Fan - Peace River

“Love your music! Superb stuff, best wishes, Martin.”

Martin Seaman - Reverbnation Fan

“Great vocals and superb music! ”

Anchorage Alaska - Fan Message

“If you like the new country sound, this is another great band to check out. Her CD "I'm not looking back" is chalked full of potential country hits. Worth checking out, worth the download or purchase.”

“Awesome voice and Great Classic Country sound!!! :) Keep up the great work!!”

Payton Taylor - Fan Message

“About Men is one helluva great tune. Great super vocals.You got it all!!!”

Auriemma - Reverbnation Fan

“Thanks so much for sharing your CD-- it is beautiful and so are you!!!”

Karen Zaitsoff - Facebook Fan

“Love the energy in your music...”

Kenny Gilliam - Reverbnation Fan

“Everyone, including the staff said the show was fantastic and very professional!! We would love to have you back!!”

Diana Kresier - Loghouse Pub in Victoria, BC

“You have strong country vocals which should take you far...May God always bless!!”

Ashley Adair - Reverbnation Fan

“Very cool music. Great lyrics and tight bands and great singing.”

Song Reviewer on ReverbNation - Song Reviewer

“Thank you for your nice words. You have a wonderful voice and nice songs! My favorites are I'm Not Lookin' Back and It's Time For Leavin'. Greetings from Greece Maria Gialeniou”

Maria Gialeniou - Reverbnation Fan