Shellshock Lullaby / Press

“The latest offering from Shellshock Lullaby is the single “Without Serendipity”. The quick acoustic guitar tempo right from the start grabs your attention. The melody works its way into your head as Russ Nelson pours out his soul in the lyrics. The emotion almost overpowers you. High profile artists like Dashboard Confessional come to mind with the way a song can make you feel. The mix of acoustic, pop punk, and alt-rock genres builds up into a track that can be enjoyed by a fan of each one of those styles.”

“Easily one of the most powerful and strong melodies that you’ll find on A Lighter Shade – Russ nails this one thoroughly – “Without Serendipity” is a perfect storm of emotions presented & played like it’s in the calm-eye of that storm. Really like the energy in this tune and its melancholy-vein that runs deep throughout the mood, tones and atmosphere as it builds. Russ keeps it contained with bass, guitars, hand-claps and slight percussion guiding his voice along…and he puts all the right energy into his vocals on this one. Loved the way they often overlapped…”

“Shellshock Lullaby, takes the harsh complexities of life and blends them with acoustic pop-punk musings...With a sound reminiscent of mid-2000’s alternative bands like The Friday Night Boys and Forever The Sickest Kids, Shellshock Lullaby has a sound that is unique, yet familiar enough to get stuck in listeners minds...”

“Shellshock Lullaby creates acoustic emotional bliss with a coalescence of heart-wrenching vocals and powerful melodies.”

“Shellshock Lullaby does a great job of putting their name out there through the medium of this EP. The seven tracks are something for an artist to be proud of. Shades of Grey - See more at: http://mindequalsblown.net/reviews/shellshock-lullaby-shades-of-grey-ep#sthash.aG5uSEoW.dpuf”

“The Look In Your Eyes was my favourite track, and it’s guitars reminded me greatly of Casually Dressed… Funeral For A Friend, which is odd for a pop-punk record but worked surprisingly well, and there’s a technicality to the EP’s instrumentation that adds slightly more depth to Shades Of Grey, and this track definitely benefits, delivering a unique style of sorts.”

“The record is mostly what you’d expect in a pop punk record in that it’s lively, other than that it steps quite a way from the genre. The songs are about much more mature topics and really showcases Russ Nelson’s lyrical skills and penmanship.”

“This band does a great job mixing different influences of music (or maybe I just hear a lot of great things in their songs) to create interesting tracks. The guitars are a highlight of the album. Their barrage of riffs and leads compliment Nelson's voice. Nelson also has the added bonus of not getting lost with the assault, staying to his own and making his voice an extra instrument in the mix of harmonies already taking place. The lyrics are intelligent as well, which only helps the vocals attractiveness.”

“'All I Need', a vibrant, upbeat track that showcases Nelson’s talent in the best possible light.”

“The rollicking rock track ‘Waiting For A Lie’ has an interesting guitar flow that keeps the listener transfixed while focusing on the emotion filled vocals. The change up in the bridge shows off the talent of the musicians here. The other song, ‘Crimson Sky’ has an almost progressive feel added to a strong modern rock track. The driving beat pushes the song along building up energy to the big time chorus. The raw passion is obvious and can push this band forward no matter where they are from.”

“They recently sent us their latest video for “Shades Of Grey”. The alt-rock song has plenty of pop energy to make it stick in your head along with an entertaining video of movie clips to stimulate you visually as well.”

“Overall, Shell Shock Lullaby is a good band whose music can definitely be classified as Top 40 radio ready. Go check these guys (and one gal) out, especially if you love great indie rock bands because they are well worth taking the time to listen to. Make sure you buy the music if you like it, and tell them I AM Entertainment sent you.”

“Shell Shock Lullaby is a band deserving of your attention and ears!!! Passionate lyrics, catchy hooks, riffs and melodies make for a listening experience everyone will enjoy. Riding the line between pop and alternative everyone will find something to like about SSL! Montana should be proud and you should get on board with this band! The scary thing is they can only get better and they are already great!”

“This four song disc from these Montana boys brings a lot of spunk. A very upbeat disc with a lot of groove. It has all the catchy hooks and lyrics that will have you listening to this disc over and over. Only problem is that it only has four songs and no sooner you get into it, it's over. I guess I would have to say my favorites are well...all four. I think "Broken Smile" has that radio hit sound. All the songs are very versatile in that they could be played on rock radio as well as radio that plays pop songs. I look forward to hearing more from these guys. Check them out at www.shellshocklullaby.com.”

"SSL are an awesome three piece with a fantastic alternative rock sound going on! They've got some epic riffs and melodies flowing through their music and a great singer that compliments the band and brings their music together. I can't wait to see what they've got in store for us in the future!"

"Catchy rock grooves complemented by vibrant vocals!"

"Montana has more than big skies to boast about these days. Shell Shock Lullaby combines a youthful spirit with kicky stadium-esque guitars. This winning combination of Radio Friendly tunes will please both the die hard Pop fan and the Alt Rock afficionado".

"It's hard to believe that Shell Shock Lullaby are unsigned! They have a great sound, blending rock with soft melodies and excellent song writing. Their songs have an immediate appeal, especially when incorporating thumping percussion and agreeable guitar riffs. The band consists of a talented three-some who really deserve a place on the airwaves" http://www.radioseagull.com AND http://www.salfordcityradio.org/

"Shell Shock Lullaby... Really great band with fantastic dynamics and a real sense of passion for the music and their instruments. We've been playing their songs from time-to-time, as part of our Unsigned output on www.crosscountiesradio.co.uk and they fit right in to the mix, sitting next to some of the worlds biggest names. I really wish them the best of luck in their efforts to strike a deal and move forward with their musical career".