Shelley Miller / Press

"Miller gives off a darkly emotional ferocity reminiscent of Radiohead's golden "The Bends"/"OK Computer" records or PJ Harvey's "Rid of Me", and the band's instrumentation sparkles with the crisp air of something Superchunk might have written had they been stripped of their distortion pedals."

Nicholas M. Garcia - The Daily Journal

"The tender fingerpicking and the emotional honesty of the lyrics together weave images and feelings of younger days, and of times when things make sense, without any sort of explanation."

"I hear a delicate, acoustic singer-songwriter than can turn on a dime, and deliver hard-hitting roots-rock-blues numbers ala Bonnie Raitt or Lucinda Williams."

"Her voice is so important to her sound it's akin to a Stradivarius violin – rare and difficult to duplicate. You likely won't find this brand of breaking, heartfelt folk on American Idol, but if there was “Americana Idol” we'd be texting her in."

"Extremely well played acoustic folk with wonderful shimmering melodies...this woman's got enormous talent..."

"In short, an absolute must."

“Shelley Miller is a songwriter’s songwriter; the sort that other artists will pick through her catalog over time for songs to cover. While this is true, it’s hard to imagine most artists interpreting Miller’s songs with the same mix of comedy, tragedy and warm-hearted grit that she manages on When It’s All Gone, You Come Back. Miller inhabits her songs like a second skin..."”

“Shelley Miller...could teach a lot of folkies a thing or two about sophisticated imagery and hooks. And 2006's excellent, self-released Morning Somewhere should earn her fans from the Lucinda Williams camp.”

“Shelley Miller binds her ragged tales of urban life in lines of unflinching truth. She's one of those rare songwriters you might rightfully call a poet.”

Andrew Calhoun - Waterbug Records

“Beautiful, multi-faceted...a thoughtful songwriter and emotive singer.”

“A voice as clear as a Midwest sky...”

“Incognito seething rocker”

Expository Magazine

“Listening to her is like pulling up a pair of very, very soft faded jeans over bare skin”