Sheila Ann Smith / Press

“Sheila Smith is a wonderful gift to the Body of Christ. She brings a worshipping heart, seeking God through prayer and a commitment to the scriptures. ”

“My sister and I are loving your songs! They are so powerful and touching. God bless you so much!!! ”

“Outstanding! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was very blessed to be at your concert. You were really very good. Such a sweet spirit as you spoke from your heart. Very moving. Wow! ”

“I heard the concert was AMAZING. Well done, folks here are sill talking about it. ”

“Sheila is an energetic visionary who loves to see men and women experience the fullness of God in their lives. She is a gifted preacher and exercises this gift well. ”

“If ever there was a woman wired for worship, it would be Sheila Smith. Not only is she an accomplished composer, song writer, musician and singer, she does it all with a winsome and graceful humility which draws people in. This is because Sheila is more than just a worship leader, she is a lead worshiper. Her focus is on Jesus through her music and all is done in the context of an obvious love and respect for Scripture. ”