Sheez Late / Press

“Sheez Late / GO (cd review) For anyone under the impression that all bluegrass and folk-flavored music is feeble and fragile, full of sit-back-on-a-rocking-chair ditties, it’s time for you to listen to GO by Sheez Late. A bluegrass and folk recipe for the 21st century, GO is a perfect example of how a specific style of music can push itself and border other genres and influences, creating something new and fresh. GO has the DNA of straight-up rock ’n’ roll attitude. Sure, it could be classified simply as folk rock, but even that would be an understatement. If played on electric guitars, many of the songs here would fit neatly into the rock realm. That’s not to say they still couldn’t, but rock traditionalists likely would not concur with the twang and spice dashed on top. However, one gets the feeling that Sheez Late is just fine with staking out its own parcel of land.”

“Sheez Late has been through a lot in twenty years, but one thing that has remained a constant, is their inventive brand of energy-infused rock & roll.”

Brian M. Owens - Metronome Magazine

“Sleeved rolled up, greasy handed, in-your face, tonally tumultuous guitar driven rock & roll anchored by bumper slammin' drumming is what Sheez Late serves up on their new CD Blast!”

Douglas Sloan - Metronome Magazine

“Sheez Late flourished in the early 1990's, releasing its first album around the time Nirvana's "Nevermind" was shaking up attitudes about music. Sheez Late was ready for the new guard, mixing up scrappy garage punk with weirder elements plucked from the rock 'n' roll spectrum. At its peak, the band was a big draw in the clubs, dutifully covered in these pages and those printed by the alternative press covering the city's music scene, and a staple on local music radio programs.”

“This is one of those bands you just love. This is all-purpose music with an inflammatory attitude. It's fun to dance to, but don't start taking it seriously until you've awakened the following morning.”

Face Magazine

“During 1992 the band (Sheez Late) recorded their self-titled, produced, and funded eight-song CD. The eight songs on the CD are hard-edged pop with just the right amount of punk thrown in for flavor. The result is a highly enjoyable listen.”

Jim Fay - New England Performer

“Sheez Late, one of the Wormtown scene's hottest bands, is a throwback, playing rough-and-tumble garage rock. But don't think the band is stuck in the past. Razor sharp lyrics, acid-washed vocals and a two-pronged guitar attack that favors passion over precision all make Sheez Late a contemporary contender in the club circuit.”

Scott McLennan - Worcester Telligram and Gazette