Sheer Khan and the Space Case / Press

“Allurringly called "tropical space funk" the group is a collaborative and unique act deliciously fused with reggae, funk, blues, jazz and rock”

Cici Sharstrom - Scene Magazine

“This is a fantastically fun jam band that has funk and reggae influences to their sound. What set it off for me was the fact that is just sounded like they were having a great time.”

“Sheer Khan and The Space Case is the number 10 best instrumental band in Austin Texas”

“Sheer Khan and the Space Case, like many bands, purport to break down musical boundaries and blend a schizophrenic range of influences into a group sound that itself defies genre labels. it sounds like they have the tools to do it.”

Demo Sweat

“Nationally, they seem to draw from the mellower sides of Red Hot Chili Peppers and 311, borrowing the softer funk rather than the in-your-face attack those bands are sometimes known for.”

“Putting a foreboding dark sound together with some funky grooves may not seem a likely combination for some, but this band makes a nice go of it.”

Paul Heingarten - Music and Band Ezine