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“Like a soundtrack to a malevolent carnival, “Weight of the World” is part bounce, part menace. Shayfer James has a theatrical baritone—rich and emotive, with a flair for phrasing; to enjoy this one you’ll have to be okay with a singer you can hear breathe and just about can see spit.”

“Shayfer James weaves surprisingly genuine musical landscapes that evoke the gauzy, sweaty sexuality of gulf-coast barrooms but also the fantastical, narcotic mysticism of a Lewis Carroll-inspired three-ring circus.”

“If you crossed Tom Waits, Jeff Buckley, and Diamanda Galas.. ..it MIGHT sound as beautiful as this. Hear the music: Click here to listen to the diabolical and heart-wrenching music of Shayfer James, a villainous singer/ song-writer/ multi-instrumentalist who just returned from a gig in Hong Kong to grace our northeastern ears with his melodic Strange.”

“The Owl & The Elephant. Simply put, this album is a masterpiece. If you like Ben We were lucky enough to get our hands on a pre-release copy of New Jersey-based pianist/ songwriter Shayfer James' upcoming sophomore release entitled The Owl & The Elephant. Simply put, this album is a masterpiece. If you like Ben Folds, Jeff Buckley and the Tim Burton/ Danny Elfman combo, this album CANNOT BE MISSED!”

“Shayfer played a new song alone on the stage. It was possibly the sweetest and most heart wrenching song I've ever heard, and it even brought a tear to my eye...this song was truly extraordinary with its poetic lyrics and composition.”

“What I find so interesting about this type of music, is that although the topics seem to be quite dark, and at times almost sick and deranged, there is a poetic beauty that can be found.”